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Kindergarten Challenges

In May, Issac & I attended Kindergarten Jump Start at his school & got him all signed up & ready to go in the fall.In August, Issac got to Kindergarten Camp, where he went to his school for three half days.He got to meet all the staff & learn the layout of his school & all the “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Productive” rules. Then the week before school started, Issac & I attended an entrance conference where we got to meet his teacher & see his classroom.
 Obviously, as I write this we are a couple months in to the school year.I have had time to fully digest and get used to this whole kindergarten, gone all day, heart break.I will be honest; Kindergarten was more difficult than I expected.I cried for days. I was scared to let my number one go off on his own all day. Some of the tears were out of frustration.Issac was ready to be Mr. Independent and ride the bus to and from school, purchase hot lunch and be on his own all day without me.On day three I went in to …

The Summer of Sunshine