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August is a Time for Family, Friends, Food and Fun.

Issac thinks anytime you have cake then it must be a party. Makes perfect sense to me.  Ever since his birthday, anytime we've had cake with every bite he smiles and says, "its a party".  The first weekend of August we went to lake goodwin to celebrate a friend's 4th birthday.  The beach area is perfect for young kids because you can walk a good 30 feet out & still be in shallow water.  In all the excitement of the day, Issac fell twice. Once was a bad fall that scraped his knee, elbow & back on the cement area surrounding the picnic table.  When we arrived home, we cleaned up the areas good & Issac got his 1st bandaids, with baloons on them. He still shows us his"hurt spot" but any sign of a scab is completly gone. 

The 12th we headed north to Ferndale to spend some time with Grandma Melanie.  Friday night we BBQ'd some steaks before we left the kids with grandma to enjoy a few drinks with friends.  Saturday we headed to my Mom's comp…

Joyous July

Independence Day fell on a Monday this year but we enjoyed a weekend of fun and sun.  On Friday, the 1st I took Tyler and Issac out in the back yard & shaved their heads! This was Issac's first haircut so of course I kept his hair in a sandwich bag.  Shaving off his curls has made him look like such a big boy.  He loves it & keeps rubbing his head and saying, "like daddy".  On Saturday we adventured to Owen Beach to enjoy a BBQ with some of my fellow Urbanists or Urban Studies buddies for a farewell to Felix who has since returned home to Hong Kong.  Issac LOVES the beach, he enjoys playing in the sand and water with his bucket & shovels.

To celebrate Independence day we went to our friends the Wagesters for a BBQ.  The food was great, the company was fabulous & the fireworks AWESOME. During the hot sunshine, the kids played in the pool, on the swing set & enjoyed some water balloons.  Once it was dark, the fireworks began.  It was the 1st time Issac h…