Monday, June 30, 2014

Crash Landing

Issac began to show an interest in Soccer at an early age; when he was three he asked for his first soccer ball and began to ask to play soccer.  He has always enjoyed kicking the ball around.  As I have come to find out most organized sports are not offered until kids get into grade school but a few local organizations do provide soccer to 3-5 year olds.  As life goes sometimes, we missed the sign-up deadline for soccer last spring.  However, Issac continued to enjoy kicking the ball around with his friends and his Dad.  
 This February I signed Issac up to play soccer in Des Moines where he attended preschool.  As the practice start day approached we had yet to hear from our coach. A couple of Issac’s preschool classmates had also signed up for soccer and their moms hadn’t heard anything.  As soon as we got word that the organization was in need of under-six coaches I went and picked up the background check information packet while Tyler was at work.  When Tyler got home he filled out the paperwork and we drove down to the Des Moines field house turn it in.  Within ten minutes Tyler was able to get a team roster, select an available practice time and get a few of Issac’s classmates moved to our team. 
The team was a mix of boys and girls, mostly age five with a couple outliers.  Practices started in March with ten kids on the team.  Week three, we were down to nine kids; four girls and five boys.  Neither Tyler nor I ever played soccer.  We knew little about the sport but Issac was so interested that we were determined to learn. Grandpa Brad was kind enough to pick us up a couple of soccer balls & some gear.  Tyler spent time watching some soccer DVDs he was able to borrow from a co-worker and you-tube videos.  There is also bunches of soccer coach and soccer drill apps that we checked out to find age appropriate lessons for practice time. 

We had practices on Monday evenings.

We had games every Saturday throughout April & May.

 Tyler & I were both very grateful for the assistance of the Marohl family.  They have been apart of the soccer world for a few years & have coached before in the past.  Rikki took care of the trophies orders & organized the Ice Cream Social.  Their older son; Zak played shark with the kids & chased after balls.  Jason assisted Tyler in coaching both at practices & games all season.  They truly were a bigger help than they could know!  
 Issac was very lucky to have an assortment of cheer leaders throughout the season. In addition to Josie & I cheering at every game we had a few other visitors this season.  Thank you to Grandma Laura & Grandpa Mark, Grandma Melanie, Shobi and to Grandpa Brad & Grandma Shannon for taking time out of your weekend to cheer us on!

To celebrate their first season of soccer the kids had an ice cream social at a local establishment in Des Moines.  Each child got a trophy with their name on it. 
Soccer was fun for our whole family. We worked on team work & team spirit all season.  Our team wasn't the team out smashing on everyone every Saturday.  But the kids all had a smile on their lil faces every game and every practice. When we did have unhappy kids their sad faces usually had to do with rain or injury. We did win one game where Issac made four goals!!!   Issac is still out kicking his soccer ball around this summer so I more soccer in store for this family real soon. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Best Mother's Day Ever

Tyler’s Mom’s birthday is May 9th so it usually falls on or around Mother’s day weekend.  So after Issac’s soccer game on Saturday we headed north to her house in Marysville for her birthday dinner celebration.  It was nice to be able to catch up.  The kids enjoyed playing with Tyler’s step brother’s Lucas & Devin in the yard; kicking the soccer ball, tossing the Frisbee and learning ninja moves.  Mark made some delicious steaks and for dessert homemade cheesecake. 

On Sunday, Tyler made us brunch reservations at the Ship Canal Grill.  After we ate, we enjoyed mini doughnuts, balloon swords, fish flying and Issac picked me out some flowers at the Pike Place market. 

After we walked around Pike Place we decided to walk down to take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel.  We had planned to take a romantic night ride the weekend before while out for dinner celebrating our wedding anniversary but the weather was stormy.  Mother’s day this year was beautiful, sunny clear skies.  The Great Wheel line actually moves along and we boarded within fifteen minutes of purchasing our tickets.  The view of Puget Sound and Seattle is breath taking and my only complaint would be that the ride is over just as soon as it starts.  

After we rode the Great Wheel; Issac really wanted to go to the Zoo.  Tyler wasn’t too keen on the idea but I persuaded him to say yes because the kids had been great all day and we were all truly enjoying ourselves and the city.  Plus, we have our membership so going to the zoo doesn’t cost us anything.  We made a loop around the zoo and decided to splurge on ice cream before heading home.  At home Tyler barbequed Steak & Shrimp Kabobs & we enjoyed a round of Candy Land before calling it a night. 

This was the best Mother’s day yet.  I tend to be the person who is always too busy doing for others to remember myself.  This year Tyler really went above & beyond to make me feel loved and appreciated for all I do and I consider Mother’s day as his payment in full for the year!  I love my lil family and my favorite thing in the world is sharing adventures and making memories with our children.  

April Animals

Let me start off by admitting that I have an addiction to Groupon.  I love their products you can order straight to your mailbox and their deals on eats and services.  In March, one of my scores was four circus tickets off Groupon.  It was a steal because I had a code for an additional 20% off a purchase so I was able to get four circus tickets for our family for only $32!  So on April sixth we went to see the Jordan World Circus.  We arrived early and the kids were able to enjoy an elephant ride and cotton candy before the show.  No surprise to us their little faces were grinning ear to ear the entire show. 

On the 12th our apartment community held a Easter Egg hunt.  The manager is a retired school teacher so she really enjoys putting on fun little events for the children.  Honestly, the event was a little over the top.  The kids were excited to have snow cones, cotton candy and chocolate bunnies at nine in the morning!!!  However, sometimes it is okay to go overboard....even at nine am... especially when your headed to Soccer.  Y.O.L.O. RIGHT? 

On the 13th we used our Woodland Park Zoo membership to visit the animals with one of my closest friends; Shobi and her main squeeze Matt.  The kids always love any time they spend with Shobi.  They enjoyed showing the zoo off as if they are lil tour guides.  "And these are a different kind of money. See their tails!" Issac said. 

We have stayed home the last few years for Easter.  However, this year my Aunt Nicole decided to host a fun two part shin dig at her & Warren’s place so we loaded up and traveled North to Ferndale to spend Easter with my family.  When we arrived the kids got an Easter bucket of goodies from Auntie Nicole & Uncle Warren. Then, Saturday evening Nicole invited over everyone she knew who has little kids for an Egg Decorating party which they held in Warren's shop.  Honestly, we had never colored eggs with the kids before because of their age & the mess but they both did a great job coloring an assortment of blue and pink eggs.  

In the morning the kids were occupied by their baskets and breakfast until everyone arrived back at ten for a huge Easter Egg hunt.  Warren, Tyler & my Uncle Philip spread ten dozen eggs across the front of Warren’s property using the drive way as a divider for big kids & little kids.  The plastic eggs had candy and monies and the kids each made off with over five dollars each!  

A big Thank you to Nicole & Warren for hosting such a wonderful holiday event.
We love you guys & will be back next year! (wink, wink).