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Family Beach Pictures

Every time the kids have a birthday, I like to get their pictures taken.Sometimes we take them to Sears Portrait Studios and other times we use a professional photographer.But with Issac and Josie’s birthdays being six months apart it seems perfect to have pictures taken twice a year.Last month we had the pleasure of experiencing Tammey as our photographer for the third time.Previously she took our maternity pictures when we were expecting Issac, as well as Issac’s first birthday pictures.
Normally we take family pictures during the holidays as part of Josie’s birthday pictures.However, we took advantage and had family pictures taken because we had the opportunity to have our pictures taken on location at Everett’s Howarth Park.Howarth Park holds many memories for Tyler & me.Before we became romantic, we spent time there as friends in groups and alone. We tossed footballs and Frisbees, enjoyed bong fires, sunsets and held many long conversations.It was an awesome experience to come…

A Journey Through June

We kicked June off by celebrating my birthday with a beautiful family hike at Twin Falls with my best friend Di and her family. It was a nice cool morning and the trail had amazing view points. We enjoyed taking in sights and sounds of nature while we enjoyed eating our lunches on a bench near a waterfall. Issac loves to go hiking and runs up the hills in full force without ever reducing his speed to enjoy the scenery.However, Josie is still a little young and needed to be carried almost the entire two miles back down the trail to the cars.After a nap, we attended a friend’s daughter’s birthday party before coming home to enjoy dinner and cake made by Tyler. The next weekend we stayed close to home but Issac asked to go on a hike.We took the kids to Flaming Geyser Park.There is currently some construction and the main hiking path is closed.However, we adventured the path less taken and enjoyed a quiet hike through the brush along the hillside before having lunch near the playground.

I …