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Super Issac to the Rescue

Issac’s birthday
While we were setting up for Josie’s birthday party in December, Issac declared that he wanted a soccer party for his birthday.  The idea seemed to stick and everyone we came in contact with Issac would ask, “Are you going to come to my soccer party?” I had decided on everything from the cupcakes to the parent-child soccer game. However, in April when it came time to order the supplies Issac changed his mind to a Super Hero themed party. The past three years we have had Issac's party on memorial Day weekend and this year, we decided otherwise & had the party the Sunday before his birthday.  Thank goodness to because I had family come from Ferndale and the I-5 bridge collapsed the Thursday before Memorial day weekend!! Issac requested that Tyler cooked Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs on the barbecue and that I made super hero capes for all his friends.  I turned to Pintrest & had two runs at a cape made from a tee shirt but they looked cheap & cheesy. I decid…

*Road Trip 2013*

On May 4th, we packed up our Focus and set off on a twelve day road trip adventure.Our first stop was at Nevada’s Wild Horse State park.It was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.Until the wind started to blow.We had arrived around noon and sent up camp, had lunch, drove to town for some milk and then went for a nice adventure walk when the wind really started to pick up.Next thing you know, we watch a nearby tent snap and the campers pack up.As we sat discussing our options, our tent poles began to snap.Tyler rushed to disassemble our tent as I loaded the car and Issac sat crying.Issac was really upset that we weren’t going to be camping, sleeping in the tent and having hotdogs and smores over the campfire.Once we explained that our tent was damaged and promised to go camping this summer, we hit the road.We drove until the Sunset and found cheap hotel in Elby.The kids were happy with a little Disney Channel and a bath.In the morning we continued on to Uncle Don’s house in Las Vegas.Sund…

April Showers Bring May Flowers

At the end of March we moved.We downsized from our rental house to an apartment for many reasons.The house we were renting had a laundry list of issues and although it was tough to move from a 4 bedroom house with a yard and backyard into a two bedroom apartment, we have managed to make it work.Also, as long as we were paying a larger rent to rent someone else’s house, we would never be able to pay down our debt to one day purchase our own home.Between the rent decrease and the utilities we are saving $300-$600 a month.A large portion of that is from the power bill.For reasons unknown to me the power bill at that house was $150 in the summer and upwards of almost $400 a month during the winter & we would STILL be freezing cold and wearing sweatshirts inside.
Both my Mom & Tyler’s Mom played a key role in helping us have a successful move.My Mom came down the third weekend in March and helped with the kids while we signed our new lease and rented a truck and loaded everything.Th…

Valentines Love & other Gushy stuff

Wow! I can’t believe that 2013 is almost half way over. I swear we were just ringing in the New Year!!!We have been super busy this year.I have purchased my own domain and created my own website.My long term goal is to no longer use Blogspot and only post on my own website so that I 100% own my own content.Feel free to check it out.(, it is more difficult and costly then it appears upfront and I’m still learning how to fully function and operate all the features.So I am going to continue to use this website.I feel behind on our family’s digital scrapbook so here is a really long post to cover how we enjoyed February and March. In January, after many bike riding lessons, here and there, Issac finally mastered riding his bike, and stopping his bike.The first weekend of February we got a visit from Grandma Laura & Grandpa Mark.We spent the afternoon outside in the sunshine watching Issac show off his bike riding skills. I made a nice roast for dinner and Laura b…