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Spring Ducks!

For Spring Break this year I adventured north to my Mom's house in Ferndale with the kids. Issac loves walking the dogs with Grandma Melanie & popped up in bed every morning looking for her.  It was good to get away and I'm thankful to my Mom & Aunt Nicole who took vacation time off work to spend with us.  Issac still had a rough cold so we mostly stayed in minus an adventure to Hovander Park & a coffee date with my old high school BFF I hadn't seen since graduation.  At the park, being early spring they only had a varitety of birds & some bunnies. Every bird was a duck. Turkey, goose or rooster didn't matter to Issac they were all "dux".  
Saturday we bought Issac a twin sized race car bed. We bought the twin in hopes we can get a few good years out of it.  He was excited from the second he saw it. I am happy that with a little effort from Tyler, Issac has slept every night in his own room!  This week Issac is learning where his fingers & …

Our First Blog!

Early this month I was introduced to a blog about the Staats family who lost their daughter to SIDS. It brought back a ton of emotions for me surrounding my brother Shawn's death in 1991.  However this blog also made me think about all the miles stones people miss out on.  People have become very political and emotional surrounding facebook posts, often things are blown up and have increased the differences among us.  My goal for this blog is to post every week or two about our family activities and miles stones reached.  I hope our family members enjoy the information & begin to feel more in touch with our children. 

This week is Spring Break, Leah finished her BA in Urban Studies & Spring Quarter will complete her minor in Human Rights. Graduation is June 10th & we're about to start counting the days.  Tyler is off work still due to his ankle injury, L & I is scheduled to review his claim today & we hope to proceed with a MRI to gain a full understanding…