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The Summer of Yes

At the beginning of the Summer I read an article about savoring the summers with our children because you only get a few years to create the bond with your children that will last a lifetime. The writer, who is also a Mom, wrote about summer activities and day trips for all types of weather… That night as Tyler & I laid in bed talking I discussed this article with another one I had read about trying not to say “No” all the time. We also discussed a news article I had seen about a little girl who lost her battle with Cancer & the mother asked that in her memory people had banana splits for dinner. Certainly there are plenty of times to say “NO” to our children for safety reasons or cost reasons. But how many times as parents do we find ourselves saying “No” simply out of laziness?Be honest with yourself and you might realize that you have missed out on a number of memory making opportunities.So that night as we lay in our bed we decided that this summer we were going to say “YE…