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University of Washington Tacoma Graduation

After years of dreaming & hard work, on Friday June 10th, 2011, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies.  It was a great day. Tyler, the kids, my Mom, my Uncle Greg, cousins Emma & Jacob plus my Grandpa's wife Barb cheered me on inside the Tacoma Dome.

2011 has gone by so quickly.  Since Josie's birth completing my homework has been tough. Some days i just wanted to stay home & hold my baby. But I knew that she was safe at home with her father while I attended class.  I look back and I am so grateful for Tyler who has always believed in me & never kicked me while I was down.  Our plan to have children while I attended school was one of the best decisions we could have made for our family. 

Everyone keeps asking so many questions!!! "When will you get a job?" "Where will you work?" 'what will you do with the kids?"  All kinds of personal questions. Tyler & I have been waiting to hear if he will return to work or not before w…


June 13th Josie started to crawl.  It is crazy how fast she gets around, from the living room to the kitchen or into play with the cars in Issac's room.  Last week we went to the lake to enjoy the sunshine & I couldn't keep her on the blanket, she loved the feeling of the sand between her fingers. She tries to pull herself to stand but her chunky legs are not strong enough yet.

June 14th, we took the kids in for their well-child check-ups.  Josie is 6 months, 15 lbs and 25.75 inches tall.  Issac is 2 years, 30.5 lbs & 37 inches. Issac is in the 96 percentile for height, gonna be over 6 feet tall!!! 

Took the kids in get their pictures done, as usual they turned out great.  Here are a few shots. They both cooperated so well, it was hard to choose which pictures to order so we bought the cd with all 64 original pictures.  I hope picture cd's don't go out of use anytime soon! 
The Fourth of July is next weekend, we are excited to BBQ & enjoy the fireworks with o…