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Josie's 3rd Birthday

Our Princess Josephine is becoming such a spunky lil Girl!
As always on December 10th we celebrated Josie's Birthday at home with a family dinner and cake.  Seeing how Josie's birthday falls during the holiday season, our elf Tad also celebrates with us!

We celebrated Josie’s third birthday with a bowling party at Kent Bowl.The location meets all of our needs as far as space and activities provided.We rented their party room which fit our twenty-five guests well.We started off with some bumper bowling for the kids.Being that the kids were all six and under we didn’t finish off the game before they lost interest but they enjoyed it non-the less.

After bowling we went in to the party room to have pizza and appetizers while Josie opened her gifts.
WHAT A RACE! She quickly opened each present, made a comment about what it was or how cute the item was before tossing it aside and proclaiming; “THERE’S MORE!” As always Josie received a fabulous assortment of clothing, toys and BALLOONS!!…