Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Tyler has been on day shift for the last two weeks.  We have enjoyed the change across the board. Now we eat dinner as a family, go on evening walks together & even enjoy bedtime at the same time.  Tyler is at work before the kids & I ever wake up. The extra bonus is that when Tyler worked night shift, come Friday he was so tired it was a waste of a day. We only ever felt like he had one day off each week.  Now come Saturday and Sunday he wakes up with me & the kids and makes us breakfast. 

The weekdays go by quickly & I try to take the kids on an adventure or two during the week.  The library is good to get books, but Issac got us kicked out of his first story time for misbehaving & we were asked to leave.  The park is great, its free & I just pack up some PB &J's and go but what will I do when the weather turns cold? I guess our Science Center membership will be put to good use.  I have also found out that there is a "First Thursdays" Program in which a bunch of different museums in Seattle have a free day the first Thursday of each month & the Tacoma Children's Museum is free the first Friday of each month. 

Tyler enjoys the day shift because the work he's assigned is less stressful on his body but his ankle injury still haunts him.  He sits with his leg up every evening.  Because Tyler's work schedule changed so did his school schedule.  We were lucky and he was able to find 2 classes that are on Monday & Wednesday evenings and an online course.  He's super excited to start classes on the 19th and finish his Associates Degree.  I'm insisting he walks at graduation in June but he ultimately has to make the choice. 

With Tyler on day shift, we have decided for me to stay home with the kids.  I feel so blessed because both Tyler & I grew up with working mothers.  I understand that some people, friends & family don't get it.  But I'd rather keep my Focus & rent then work and put my kids in daycare with an uneducated sitter.  I feel like the material items we would have if I worked will always be there but my children will only be young once. Tyler & I agree that at anytime if I change my mind & decided to work, then we'll revisit the issue. I wish I could find a telecommuting job or a job that I only had to be in the office one or two days a week. But those jobs are usually made for current employees not new-hires. 

To keep myself busy on top of the house and two kids, I have decided to take on the position of Co-director of Outreach for Stand up for Kids Tacoma.  The work we do is amazing.  Each Friday night I meet teens and young adults who have come from bag families or families with generations of uneducated minimum wage earners who simply can't get out of the cycle of poverty.  Sometimes the people we meet are so involved in the street life of basic survival they are not even aware of the medical and education programs available to them.  I believe every person can accomplish ANYTHING they want with some effort and OLD FASHION HARD work. 

The kids are doing fabulous.  Issac's vocabulary is growing everyday and last week he began to engage with the TV.  So when the show says something he points & answers!  I LOVE this, it shows his attention level and also how much knowledge he actually has because he doesn't usually know I'm watching him.  We still do an hour of structured learning each morning after breakfast, but I think it is time to mix it up and get a craft box going.  Who knows, maybe I'll find something we can make together as Christmas gifts for family members.  Issac has started to play well with Josie.  he pushes her around on her car and brings her toys.  he's very protective of her too.  We went to the mall play area one day & when he noticed two kids standing next to Josie he ran over, pushed them away & shouted, "My Josie".  Then one boy pointed & said, "baby". Issac blocked him by standing in front of Josie screaming, "NO, My SISTER".  I have to admit, I smiled & thought it was funny but time to go home. =)

We spent Labor day weekend at home.  Saturday our friend Shobi took the kids while Tyler & I painted the back of the house.  We BBQ'd each night & Camped out in the back yard on Saturday & Sunday night.  Issac loves the tent & I can't wait to plan some camping trips for next summer.  Sunday we went to Les Grove Splash park and had lunch before watching Rio from the red box. It is a Super cute movie & both kids enjoyed the musical numbers through out the film.  Monday we cleaned house & checked out a splash park near the airport, which was LAME-O.  the water is on a timer so the kids tend to bunch around where ever the water is at that minute versus having buttons that activate each section separately and concurrently. Josie turns 9 months on Saturday. Her check up is next week & I
ll post a blog about her development then.  Enjoy the last few days of Summer. We will, headed to Fountain park now.  =)