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Tyler has been on day shift for the last two weeks.  We have enjoyed the change across the board. Now we eat dinner as a family, go on evening walks together & even enjoy bedtime at the same time.  Tyler is at work before the kids & I ever wake up. The extra bonus is that when Tyler worked night shift, come Friday he was so tired it was a waste of a day. We only ever felt like he had one day off each week.  Now come Saturday and Sunday he wakes up with me & the kids and makes us breakfast. 

The weekdays go by quickly & I try to take the kids on an adventure or two during the week.  The library is good to get books, but Issac got us kicked out of his first story time for misbehaving & we were asked to leave.  The park is great, its free & I just pack up some PB &J's and go but what will I do when the weather turns cold? I guess our Science Center membership will be put to good use.  I have also found out that there is a "First Thursdays" Progra…