Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~ Josephine's 1st Birthday ~

We celebrated Josie’s 1stBirthday with a Penguins & Pizza Party at Alfy’s Pizza in Lynwood. It was actually difficult to find penguin party supplies that were not for a holiday party but I settled on Happy Feet supplies & they looked great. We had a fabulous group of family & friends including; Grandma Mel, Auntie Nicole& Warren, Gramma Laura & Mark, Cousin Jackson, Erin & Ryan, Maddison, Haley, Diane & Matt, and Jennifer & Lily. Josie got a great selection of clothes & toys as gifts. After the party we went home to enjoy some family time. We ate left over pizza, watched Happy Feet & played with Josie’s new toys. It was a PERFECT DAY, thank you to everyone who came.

This pic is of Josie at her regular check up.

On Tuesday the 13th I took Josie to her 1 year well child check.  Josephine was 29 inches tall & weighted in at 20 lbs, 5 oz.   At past visits our pediatrician had expressed a small concern for a heart murmur Josie has but told us that it is normal for infants to have a heart murmur that comes out when they have a high temperature.  However, after noticing the heart murmur is consistent even when Josie has no temperature created a concern & we were given a referral to a Pediatric Cardiologist from the Children’s Hospital.  I was able to take a cancellation spot & got us in on Thursday the 15th.  I took Issac to a friend’s house & Tyler went in to work at 4 am so he was able to join me for the 115 appointment. 
This pic is at the Pediatric Cardiologist office.

Josephine’s diagnosis was given to us after a series of tests including an EKG & a Cardio Ultrasound.   Pulmonary Valve Stenonsis was described to us by the doctor as a condition where the valve that distributes the blue blood cells from the heart to the lungs is not connected.  Some people live their entire lives with the condition without ever having any issues; others have to have a series of procedures or surgeries.  We don’t know what the future has in store for us but we go back in March to monitor the growth changes.  Currently Josie’s condition is rated at 37, we were told that if the rate is growing that after 50 we will begin to discuss a procedure where they place a balloon in her heart. 
I was most devastated by the Cardio-ultrasound.  We were holding Josie down so she was fussy but that didn’t bother me because I knew she wasn’t hurt but just mad that she was being held down.  I lost it when we could see on the screen Josie’s beating lil heart, then the technician focused in on where the vessels were not attached & I knew that was where something was wrong.  It looked like two red & blue jelly fish flapping around & my heart sank to my stomach because I knew now for sure that something was wrong.  It is our hope that nothing will ever come of this besides regular testing & monitoring but we have to be emotionally prepared that one day Josie might need heart surgery.  Until then she is otherwise a perfectly happy & healthy 1 year old.

Josie at ONE:

Josie and Issac are similar & different at the same time.  For Breakfast Josie loves to eat eggs, cheese, peaches, bananas, tortilla pieces, toast or blueberry pancakes.  At lunch she loves beans, bean soup, chili, navy beans soup, carrots, broccoli, apple slices and about whatever Issac eats.  At dinner Josie is served whatever we eat but she loves whole grain pastas with crushed tomato sauce, chicken and veggies or meatballs.  At snack time her favorite is whole grain goldfish crackers or cheerios.  We have begun to limit the bottle & introduce whole milk but are still in transition. 

Josie spends her days chasing after Issac or playing by herself with her babies or one of Issac’s cars.  She loves pick-a-boo and being chased or tickled.  She blows kisses, makes kissy noises to call the doggies and makes a raspberry noise which always makes me smile.  Josie is a super happy baby until her brother makes her mad by taking a toy or book from her but she chews on EVERYTHING.  I guess we got lucky with Issac but Josie puts everything in her mouth and chews on everything from stuffed animals to Hot wheels, paper and even books, we hope that she’ll grow out of this horrible habit.
  Josie also loves to dance. If she hears music on the TV she comes running to dance, if she’s in her highchair she rocks back and forth or head bangs.  In the morning I play music while I make breakfast & you can find both kids in the kitchen rockin out.  Josie also loves wearing shoes, no joke she will bring us her shoes if they fall off or if she wants them on.  It is opposite from Issac who takes his shoes off the second we walk in the door.  All in all; Josie is a fun & silly girl!  We can't wait to watch her become a sassy lil tot in the coming months!!!

Thanksgiving 2011

Josie's 1st Thanksgiving has come & gone. We were having such a nice relaxing day that I didn't take my usual pelethora of photos but we had a great day.  I hope that you & your family had a great Thanksgiving as well. here are ten great things from the turkey day. Enjoy!

1) we got out the door early & hit the road, missing traffic.

2) Magically we were the very last car on the ferry, each way!!!

3) We traveled to Oak Harbor to my Great Aunt Sharon’s to enjoy some ham, lasagna & of course turkey with our family.  It was great to see & catch up with people we only see once a year or less like my Great Uncle & some of my cousins.  The kids had a great time visiting & playing with everyone as well.

4) Issac was such a good boy & pleasantly handed out the Thanksgiving cards we had made, until it was time to go & he caught a glimpse of Grandma’s card hang out her purse so he had to “take his paint home”.  I secretly mailed the card to my mom with her Christmas card the next week. 

5) PIE!!! Every year there is an assortment of desserts & frankly it can be difficult to only have one, so we often find ourselves taking small slices of two or three to get a sampling but this year there was pumpkin pie & pumpkin pie.  Plain, simple & classic.  I loved it!

6)  Josie fit the 1st Thanksgiving outfit Aunt Nicole had gotten Issac so I put her in her lil boots with the fur & she rocked her fall tutu all day like the perfect princess she is.

7) I saw football on the TV but I couldn’t hear football.  I like that because it is not the game that drives me crazy it is the constant talking of the commentators!

8) On the way home Tyler got out of the car to grab a soda as I waited in the ferry traffic.  As he fought with the machine for his $2 I made it through the ticket booth & was flagged onto the ferry!  I was going as slow as possible & they kept flagging me on so I drove onto the boat as Tyler chased the car.  Then he had to beg to be let on but was “granted permission to board the vessel”.  It was a lil nerving at the time but a SUPER FUNNY STORY AFTER!!!

9) We were home and in bed by 10 pm because Tyler had to go to work in the morning.  No midnight shopping for us!

10)  Thanksgiving on the island can become crazy fast, one year there was over 40 people so this year was a nice calm twenty people.  I was able to visit with everyone & the kids never got overwhelmed by anything the entire day.  Here is picture i did want to capture: My grandma, My great Uncle Richard & my Great Aunt Sharon.  Happy Holidays!