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~ Josephine's 1st Birthday ~

We celebrated Josie’s 1stBirthday with a Penguins & Pizza Party at Alfy’s Pizza in Lynwood.It was actually difficult to find penguin party supplies that were not for a holiday party but I settled on Happy Feet supplies & they looked great.We had a fabulous group of family & friends including; Grandma Mel, Auntie Nicole& Warren, Gramma Laura & Mark, Cousin Jackson, Erin & Ryan, Maddison, Haley, Diane & Matt, and Jennifer & Lily.Josie got a great selection of clothes & toys as gifts.After the party we went home to enjoy some family time.We ate left over pizza, watched Happy Feet & played with Josie’s new toys. It was a PERFECT DAY, thank you to everyone who came.
This pic is of Josie at her regular check up.
On Tuesday the 13th I took Josie to her 1 year well child check.Josephine was 29 inches tall & weighted in at 20 lbs, 5 oz.At past visits our pediatrician had expressed a small concern for a heart murmur Josie has but told us that it is no…

Thanksgiving 2011

Josie's 1st Thanksgiving has come & gone. We were having such a nice relaxing day that I didn't take my usual pelethora of photos but we had a great day.  I hope that you & your family had a great Thanksgiving as well. here are ten great things from the turkey day. Enjoy!

1) we got out the door early & hit the road, missing traffic.

2) Magically we were the very last car on the ferry, each way!!!
3) We traveled to Oak Harbor to my Great Aunt Sharon’s to enjoy some ham, lasagna & of course turkey with our family.It was great to see & catch up with people we only see once a year or less like my Great Uncle & some of my cousins.The kids had a great time visiting & playing with everyone as well.
4) Issac was such a good boy & pleasantly handed out the Thanksgiving cards we had made, until it was time to go & he caught a glimpse of Grandma’s card hang out her purse so he had to “take his paint home”.I secretly mailed the card to my mom with her C…