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Happy Birthday To my Husband

Today is Tyler’s 28th birthday.To most people they’ll think there is nothing special about someone turning twenty-eight but for me today is more than just my husband’s birthday; today marks ten years of us celebrating together!!!The very first holiday or special occasion that Tyler & I celebrated together was his 18th birthday.And I have been there for every birthday adventure since.It makes me happy to sit and think about the decade of memories we have made and our lil family we have created.For the last ten years we have spent every birthday, holiday and everything in between with each other. If in February of 2003 when I meet Tyler someone would have told me what our future held I probably would have laughed in their face!!! Seriously.Tyler was a chubby, pimple face teenage on a path of destruction.He had a take no prisoners jerkiness about him.Few people know that he’s like an orger, I mean Tyler is like an onion- filled with multiple layers.But in a very short time period I re…

Halloween 2013

Above- The kids were Monsters from monster's Inc Bellow- our two happy pumpkins for Halloween 2013
Last year I put too much thought and stress in to the kids costumes but this year was simple to choose with few complication besides a fabric cutting accident that I completely recovered from. At the beginning of October of last year a co-worker of Tyler’s gave us a Monsters Inc costume but it was too large for Issac.I tucked it away & in September I pulled it out to discover it fit Issac pretty well.In my head, I instantly wanted Josie to be the character “Boo” to match Issac’s “Mike”.Online the costs of Boo costumes were close to a hundred dollars so I turned to Pinterest and cut and pasted different parts of different ideas and created my own costume!I started with a grey hoodies from the goodwill ($3) and sewed a section of extra fleece I had around to add a skirt to the hoodies.Then I sewed some purple fabric I scored on clearance for $6 over top the hoodie.After that I use…