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Issac's TMNT Birthday


Crazy Cheetahs

I found this blog on my computer last week, it was written in May.  I guess I just needed to add pictures to post it! 

In March, we started our third season as a soccer family. Coach Dad was back at it!  It was an exciting season that started off right on the first practice.  Unlike Tyler's first two seasons of coaching where we spent the first few practices getting to know the families, this season our team was filled with kids that requested Tyler as a coach! What an honor to be surrounded by ten families that choose us.  We had practices once a week from March until May and games every Saturday throughout April & May.   This season we focused on sportsmanship sharing the glory.  We had one shy guy who did amazing at practice but when game time came; he got shy & wanted to sit on the sidelines.  It took all the parents, Tyler & all the kids offering encouragement & cheering him on but guess what, one game, he was our top scorer!! The first couple of games we had…