Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~ Josephine's 1st Birthday ~

We celebrated Josie’s 1stBirthday with a Penguins & Pizza Party at Alfy’s Pizza in Lynwood. It was actually difficult to find penguin party supplies that were not for a holiday party but I settled on Happy Feet supplies & they looked great. We had a fabulous group of family & friends including; Grandma Mel, Auntie Nicole& Warren, Gramma Laura & Mark, Cousin Jackson, Erin & Ryan, Maddison, Haley, Diane & Matt, and Jennifer & Lily. Josie got a great selection of clothes & toys as gifts. After the party we went home to enjoy some family time. We ate left over pizza, watched Happy Feet & played with Josie’s new toys. It was a PERFECT DAY, thank you to everyone who came.

This pic is of Josie at her regular check up.

On Tuesday the 13th I took Josie to her 1 year well child check.  Josephine was 29 inches tall & weighted in at 20 lbs, 5 oz.   At past visits our pediatrician had expressed a small concern for a heart murmur Josie has but told us that it is normal for infants to have a heart murmur that comes out when they have a high temperature.  However, after noticing the heart murmur is consistent even when Josie has no temperature created a concern & we were given a referral to a Pediatric Cardiologist from the Children’s Hospital.  I was able to take a cancellation spot & got us in on Thursday the 15th.  I took Issac to a friend’s house & Tyler went in to work at 4 am so he was able to join me for the 115 appointment. 
This pic is at the Pediatric Cardiologist office.

Josephine’s diagnosis was given to us after a series of tests including an EKG & a Cardio Ultrasound.   Pulmonary Valve Stenonsis was described to us by the doctor as a condition where the valve that distributes the blue blood cells from the heart to the lungs is not connected.  Some people live their entire lives with the condition without ever having any issues; others have to have a series of procedures or surgeries.  We don’t know what the future has in store for us but we go back in March to monitor the growth changes.  Currently Josie’s condition is rated at 37, we were told that if the rate is growing that after 50 we will begin to discuss a procedure where they place a balloon in her heart. 
I was most devastated by the Cardio-ultrasound.  We were holding Josie down so she was fussy but that didn’t bother me because I knew she wasn’t hurt but just mad that she was being held down.  I lost it when we could see on the screen Josie’s beating lil heart, then the technician focused in on where the vessels were not attached & I knew that was where something was wrong.  It looked like two red & blue jelly fish flapping around & my heart sank to my stomach because I knew now for sure that something was wrong.  It is our hope that nothing will ever come of this besides regular testing & monitoring but we have to be emotionally prepared that one day Josie might need heart surgery.  Until then she is otherwise a perfectly happy & healthy 1 year old.

Josie at ONE:

Josie and Issac are similar & different at the same time.  For Breakfast Josie loves to eat eggs, cheese, peaches, bananas, tortilla pieces, toast or blueberry pancakes.  At lunch she loves beans, bean soup, chili, navy beans soup, carrots, broccoli, apple slices and about whatever Issac eats.  At dinner Josie is served whatever we eat but she loves whole grain pastas with crushed tomato sauce, chicken and veggies or meatballs.  At snack time her favorite is whole grain goldfish crackers or cheerios.  We have begun to limit the bottle & introduce whole milk but are still in transition. 

Josie spends her days chasing after Issac or playing by herself with her babies or one of Issac’s cars.  She loves pick-a-boo and being chased or tickled.  She blows kisses, makes kissy noises to call the doggies and makes a raspberry noise which always makes me smile.  Josie is a super happy baby until her brother makes her mad by taking a toy or book from her but she chews on EVERYTHING.  I guess we got lucky with Issac but Josie puts everything in her mouth and chews on everything from stuffed animals to Hot wheels, paper and even books, we hope that she’ll grow out of this horrible habit.
  Josie also loves to dance. If she hears music on the TV she comes running to dance, if she’s in her highchair she rocks back and forth or head bangs.  In the morning I play music while I make breakfast & you can find both kids in the kitchen rockin out.  Josie also loves wearing shoes, no joke she will bring us her shoes if they fall off or if she wants them on.  It is opposite from Issac who takes his shoes off the second we walk in the door.  All in all; Josie is a fun & silly girl!  We can't wait to watch her become a sassy lil tot in the coming months!!!

Thanksgiving 2011

Josie's 1st Thanksgiving has come & gone. We were having such a nice relaxing day that I didn't take my usual pelethora of photos but we had a great day.  I hope that you & your family had a great Thanksgiving as well. here are ten great things from the turkey day. Enjoy!

1) we got out the door early & hit the road, missing traffic.

2) Magically we were the very last car on the ferry, each way!!!

3) We traveled to Oak Harbor to my Great Aunt Sharon’s to enjoy some ham, lasagna & of course turkey with our family.  It was great to see & catch up with people we only see once a year or less like my Great Uncle & some of my cousins.  The kids had a great time visiting & playing with everyone as well.

4) Issac was such a good boy & pleasantly handed out the Thanksgiving cards we had made, until it was time to go & he caught a glimpse of Grandma’s card hang out her purse so he had to “take his paint home”.  I secretly mailed the card to my mom with her Christmas card the next week. 

5) PIE!!! Every year there is an assortment of desserts & frankly it can be difficult to only have one, so we often find ourselves taking small slices of two or three to get a sampling but this year there was pumpkin pie & pumpkin pie.  Plain, simple & classic.  I loved it!

6)  Josie fit the 1st Thanksgiving outfit Aunt Nicole had gotten Issac so I put her in her lil boots with the fur & she rocked her fall tutu all day like the perfect princess she is.

7) I saw football on the TV but I couldn’t hear football.  I like that because it is not the game that drives me crazy it is the constant talking of the commentators!

8) On the way home Tyler got out of the car to grab a soda as I waited in the ferry traffic.  As he fought with the machine for his $2 I made it through the ticket booth & was flagged onto the ferry!  I was going as slow as possible & they kept flagging me on so I drove onto the boat as Tyler chased the car.  Then he had to beg to be let on but was “granted permission to board the vessel”.  It was a lil nerving at the time but a SUPER FUNNY STORY AFTER!!!

9) We were home and in bed by 10 pm because Tyler had to go to work in the morning.  No midnight shopping for us!

10)  Thanksgiving on the island can become crazy fast, one year there was over 40 people so this year was a nice calm twenty people.  I was able to visit with everyone & the kids never got overwhelmed by anything the entire day.  Here is picture i did want to capture: My grandma, My great Uncle Richard & my Great Aunt Sharon.  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


November passed like a series of overwhelming sneezes.  The next month is filled with exciting holidays and celebrations so it is my intention to post about each of these exciting events.  So until next week when I get to pleasantly write about Josie’s 1st Thanksgiving, here is ten exciting things that happened this month. 

1-      On Saturday November 5th we finished up our breakfast & headed to downtown Auburn to attend the annual Veteran’s Day Parade.  Josie slept most of the parade all cozy in the Bjorn on Tyler’s chest.  Issac was fascinated by the cars, motorcycles, bands and people.  I chased down one of those salesmen pushing a shopping cart full of overly priced blow up toys to purchase Issac a flag.  He was a good boy about not hitting people with his flag & was quick to hold it up when I reminded him that the flag shouldn’t touch the ground. 

2-      Tyler’s birthday was on a Sunday.  For breakfast I tried a new recipe that turned out fabulous; fruit filled puff pancake.  For dinner I created one of Tyler’s favorite dishes: homemade turkey sausage lasagna.  His Mom & mark drove down & bought him a weight set for the bench he got from a friend.  The following weekend he put the set together & has been working out every morning in the garage before he leaves for work while his car warms up.

3-      My cousin Erin invited us over for a late dinner on Tyler’s birthday. She made top notch chicken fajitas & served homemade peppermint cupcakes for dessert.  It was delicious & as always we enjoyed the visit. 

4-      On Thursday the 9th, I got a lil girl time with my cousin Erin.  We did a lil shopping & enjoyed some drinks. It was beyond a good time, I seriously haven’t laughed that hard in a while, much needed! 

5-      On the 12th I left the kids at home with Tyler & took my friends Shobi & Natasha to their first ever Drag Queen Show to benefit SU4K.  It was a blast & the fundraiser was a success. 

6-      We began our Christmas shopping for the kids picking up Lion King on blueray and buying a few toys. We also bought Issac CARS bedding, a shake n’ go Mater and a CARS comforter that I know he’ll love because right now he is Lightning McQueen obsessed!!! 

7-      Last week I sent out invitations to Josie’s 1st Birthday party.  We settled on a pizza & penguins party.  Sounds easy but not so much. The penguins of Madagascar are a little “anger birds” looking to me so we settled on Happy Feet two.  I never located photo invites or any invites for that matter with penguins so I settled on a simple party invite with a lil poem.  I have begun to make Josie’s birthday Tutu & ordered penguin hats from our hat lady, which should arrive any day.  All the supplies are slowly arriving. It is shaping up to be a great day.  J

8-      Last week I tried to do a few Thanksgiving crafts but Issac wasn’t into it.  I wish I was cool enough to know a thanksgiving song beside the one by Adam Sandler but I’m not.  This Monday we made Turkey cards to hand out on Thanksgiving to Grandma, Gee-Gee & Great-Great Aunt Sharon.  I also of course kept one for my memento box too.

9-      On Saturday the 19th the kids were starting to come down with a cold.  However, Shobi offered to babysit & we took her up on her offer for a few hours so we could go run around & complete our to-do list & grocery shopping but first Tyler and I enjoyed a nice lunch out to Chinese food.  We talked about it & the last time we had Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant was over 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Issac!!!  WOW how the time flies.

10-   We also got our Digital image CD of our family pictures this month.  I’m sharing a few but also reserving a few for Christmas gifts & Holiday Cards.  It is my goal this year to have our cards out by December 1st, so send me your address if you have moved in 2011. 

We hope all our family & friends far & near have a warm & filling Thanksgiving this year.

-With all our love- Tyler, Issac, Josie & Leah-

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not so Cheerful

 It’s that time of year again. Time to deck the halls & be jolly, or so the saying goes.  Every year I have to force myself into the joy.  Each holiday season comes and goes & I celebrate on New Year’s Eve that I made it through another year.  This year Issac is old enough to start to understand what is happening around him, so I think we’ll get a Christmas tree before December 20th this year!  I have even already started to get our Christmas cards together, watched a couple holiday kid movies & even took out a few winter decorations.  BUT I’m internally fighting it, but my brain knows it is here, EVERYONE is on fb talking about that fat jolly man Santa. So now I must face the fact that the holiday season is in full swing, on TV, at the stores and even in our conversations.

 I haven’t always been a Grinch.   As a young child, my Mother & my family celebrated the holiday season with a variety of yearly traditions.  Although I successfully “fake-it” each year, and few around me can see the difficulties in my eyes, I must find it in me, a way to truly “find the season’s joys”.  .  Because I am now a Mother, I believe that I must “shake it off”.  So Tyler and I have begun to discuss what we like, dislike, dread & hate about the holiday season.  So here is what I consider to be the top ten downers of the holiday season. 

1)      Seasonal flavors- I’ll start off simple.  I am not nor have I ever been a peppermint fan. I enjoy every other flavor in the mint family but peppermint is just not for me.  Eggnog is great in a latte but again, a big ice cold glass of the stuff doesn’t hit my mouth, just simply not for me. 

2)      Snow- Okay I fully understand that in some parts of the world snow comes in July or even in before Halloween as a friend in Denver & another in Wyoming posted on FB.  However, I live in the shadow of the Space Needle called; Seattle.  So although we had snow before Thanksgiving last year, it is not a yearly thing.   I’m already sick of all the snow talk!!! When it comes, it comes. Have your house prepared for the winter weather & you won’t be caught at Safeway buying the last $10 flashlight.

3)      Music-  I love Christmas music too. However, every store you go into and every radio channel and TV station features a mixture of classical, religious and updated holiday tunes. If I could play Christmas Music, in my car or house when I wanted instead of having it shoved down my throat (or ears) every time I pump my gas (yes the 76 near my house has music outside) then I love Christmas Music too.  Not to make people think that I don’t enjoy a lil Warm 106.9 after thanksgiving.  I also love my old Mariah before tech-tone Christmas CD & my holiday classic CDs that feature Elvis and Bing Crosby.  But let us seriously agree on one thing: the Hanson holiday remakes from 1997 should be banned from the radio wavesà FOREVER! 

4)      Decorations-      When I was little we would pile into my Grandma’s car with hot chocolate and cookies at least twice during the month of December.  Why? To drive around for hours on end looking at the houses decorated with Christmas lights.  Full neighborhoods would be decked out, lines of cars driving slowly with just their parking lights on (yes cars use to have this option).  My Grandma would lead us as we sang holiday songs the entire night (see I DO like the music).

5)      Baked Goods-   If you have ever been to my house on Sunday night, known as dessert night, then you know I love baked goods. Especially anything chocolate.  But around the holidays people that can’t follow a Betty Crocker’s just add eggs & water recipe suddenly decided to bake instead of distributing cards or gifts.  Everyone feels like if they’re offered to eat something or take something home, we do it to be kind.  But I hate over cooked and dried baked goods, not to mention the not so fun fruitcakes.  I will admit, most anything chocolate does get consumed, but some does get tossed too. Or  I have often given these items to my neighbors or friends, maybe even said “yes” when asked if I made them ;)

6)      Gifts-     I would like to consider myself a thoughtful gift giver.  It’s true we are not wealthy folks but I put a tremendous amount of time and thought in to what I give people as gifts. Wedding gifts, birthday gifts and Christmas gifts alike.  I am a TRUE BELIEVER in the old saying, “It’s the thought that matters”.  However, I am completely put off year after year by not seeing the toys I have purchased when I visit someone’s house or by how little time people put into buying gifts for others.  Seriously, I understand a budget but get crafty or shop at a discount retailer.   Don’t give people previously viewed DVD’s or second hand clothes.

7)      Christmas Christians- I’m not talking about those of you who practice religion year round. I’m talking about the people who “find God” when the Halloween candy runs out but “looses God” on their way to get drunk on New Year’s Eve.   These people drive me nuts, it’s like they are only in it for themselves.  I myself haven’t been a member of a church congregation in many, many moons, but I have enough of an understanding and respect those that are active religious believers to not pretend to be something I’m not.  So excuse me if I’m not yet buying into your new found religion. 

8)      Trees-   Fake trees drive me nuts. I get they can be easy & work great for those with allergies.  However, most are made of un-recyclable materials and end up in landfills.  Also, it is actually environmentally friendly to purchase a fresh cut trees because tree-lings release more oxygen into the environment that adult trees.  Cutting down a tree each year is a tradition we DO want to have for our children. Last year Josie was fresh out of the NICU so we left her in the infant carrier & quickly choose a tree. This year I plan to make it a day long activity.    When I was a child we would go out to a tree farm and my mom would find the most ridiculously large tree. Then we would spend the afternoon cutting off branches to fit it inside our door.  It was a daily task each year that I look forward to.  The year my brother died, we came home from the hospital & my Mom picked up the tree & tossed it out the front door in to the cold. Just like that. The strings of lights, the tree stand & years of family ordainments out the door right along with the tree.  It was years before we had a Christmas tree again.  

9)      Depression- More people suffer from Holiday depression then people realize.  Each year my Mom hits her “holiday blues”.  I let her leave a voicemail when she calls, so I can check to see where her mindset is before I call her back.  It is cruel some of the things people say. YES, ,my brother died 20 years ago but without talking about it my mom will never move on 7 she doesn’t feel very comfortable discussing the subject with many. 

10)   December 28th- Ya, I know that the holidays are almost over & most people spend the day returning gifts, eating leftovers and using up gift cards.  Not for me.  This year marks another year since my Brother Shawn died in 1991.  This year is a big one, twenty years.  I was only 10 years old when my brother passed but I can remember everything like it was yesterday. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Changing Seasons

October has come & gone. It was an amazing month all gearing up to the big day: Halloween!  I was super excited to take Issac trick or treating this year.  To prepare we did a ton of pumpkin crafts, checked out some Halloween themed books from the library and watched a few Halloween movies including A Word World Halloween DVD, Spooky Buddies & others.  Here are our top ten highlights for the month. 

1)      On the 5th we celebrated a friend’s 1st birthday.  I went with my friend Jen & her daughter Lily to Pacific Science Center with the kids.  I packed some Pb&J’s & we had a great time.

2)      The 8th I took Josie to a birthday party & Issac got to see his first theater movie with Dad.  Tyler took Issac to see Cars 2 and Issac did a great job, lasting almost the entire film’s length.

3)      The 9th Tyler’s Mom & Mark came over for dinner. Tyler made us Beef & Broccoli with rice & salad. It was delish!!!

4)      This month I took on a volunteer position of Co-Director of Outreach at SU4K Tacoma. This role is key to the work we do with the homeless & street youth in our community. I also enjoy the weekly reminder to be grateful for all I have; family, friends, health, a home, a car…..

5)      I have begun to babysit for a friend two days a week while she attends class.  The little girl is 2 days younger than Issac and it has turned out to be perfect.  The kids play great together & the extra cash is just in time for the holidays!

6)      On the 22nd, my mom came to town.  It was a rainy & gloomy day so we enjoyed some time at home, took the kids to the pumpkin patch on Sunday & enjoyed pizza and cake with my cousin and her husband. 

7)      The 23rd was a great choice for the pumpkin patch.  The sun was out and there was a tremendous amount of puddles.  My Mom, Cousin Erin, her husband Ryan and their son Jackson joined our family of four for a mud filled adventure.  Issac rain around hitting every puddle and Josie studied everything to try and figure out where we were & what was going on. 

8)      The 29th was Jackson’s first birthday party. The kid’s first ever costume party.  It was a great time & I always enjoy any time I get to see my extended family.  We got Jackson a Lightning McQueen push car that Issac helped pick out.  The kids wore their costumes: Baby Mario & Baby Princess Peach. 

9)      The 30th Tyler had a TON of homework so my friend Shobi & I took the kids to Le Noir Bazzare. A gothic themed jewelry and craft show that had different portions of activity proceeds going to SU4K Tacoma, the event was amazing & I enjoyed being introduced to gothic art and jewelry. Something different & new, although not for me.  ;)

10)  HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! First I want to know why my kids didn’t get any Skittles? I wanted to taste the rainbow!!! But seriously, this was the first year as a parent that I got to see my children enjoy the holiday & even kinda understand what was happening.  Tyler had class & like a good student he went so I took the kids up to my friend Shobi’s parent’s neighborhood. The loot was fabulous, Issac got 6 full sized candy bars!  For the most part he was really good, only tried to open a few doors, lol.  He would ring the doorbell & say, “I’m here, trick or treat”.  He was adorable & even behaved all night.  Sometimes he’d grab extra candy & say, “for sister” and then go put the candy in Josie’s bucket.  Josie enjoyed the stroller ride, walked to a few houses and was of course carried bunches!

Enjoy the pictures & Happy Holidays!   With all our love: Tyler, Josie, Issac & Leah

Friday, October 28, 2011

The top Ten highlights from *September 2011*

 I had started a blog last month & never finished it. With Josie walking now the kids seems to go in separate directions so I have had little time on the computer.  I spend a little time each day reading different sites & mommy blogs. One trend I have recently noticed is the “top ten lists”.  So to keep posts regular I’m going to start writing this way. So here is my first top ten list: The Ten Best parts of September.

1)      We spent Labor Day weekend at home. It was nice & relaxing. The kids went with a friend for a few hours on Saturday so Tyler & I could paint the outside of the house. Then we spent Saturday & Sunday night camping in the back yard.  Issac loves the tent & got super excited about it the entire weekend.  Monday was warm so we went to the splash park with the kids & BBQ’d. 

2)      Josie turned 9 months old on the 10th.   At her check-up she was 27 inches & 17 lbs, 13 oz. 

3)       On the 11th we drove to Marysville to go to a friend’s birthday party & have dinner at Gramma Meow-Meow’s (Ty’s mom). 

4)      On the 13th I took Josie to get her 9 month pictures take. I made her a beautiful fall tutu in orange, brown & maroon & brought along some nice fall leaves.  The picures turned out fabulous as always & are in the mail as we speak to our family & friends out of the area. 

5)      On the 18th we took the ferry to celebrate Gi-Gi’s (Great-Grandma Rosalie) birthday in Oak Harbor.  It was a relaxing day & the first time my Great Aunt Sharron got to meet Josie.

6)      On the 19th Tyler went back to school. He is taking night classes at Green River Community College & will complete his AAS in June 2012. J

7)       On the 20th Josie cut her 1st tooth, which she now has 5 teeth, 3 up top & the bottom 2.

8)       On the 24th Josie took her 1st steps!!! She is now a full blown walker.  She still gets a lil wobbly as nap time approaches but doing great!

9)       I had won a free photo session via a giveaway from JLV Photography. On the 24th we had a delightful family photo shoot in Point Defiance Park.  We plan to use the pictures for our Holiday cards but two are up as “previews” for viewing on her fb page.

10)   Issac mastered his colors & Shapes in September.  Now we are working on the parts of the alaphbet that give him trouble & spelling his name. currently he says, “I-A-S-C”. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Tyler has been on day shift for the last two weeks.  We have enjoyed the change across the board. Now we eat dinner as a family, go on evening walks together & even enjoy bedtime at the same time.  Tyler is at work before the kids & I ever wake up. The extra bonus is that when Tyler worked night shift, come Friday he was so tired it was a waste of a day. We only ever felt like he had one day off each week.  Now come Saturday and Sunday he wakes up with me & the kids and makes us breakfast. 

The weekdays go by quickly & I try to take the kids on an adventure or two during the week.  The library is good to get books, but Issac got us kicked out of his first story time for misbehaving & we were asked to leave.  The park is great, its free & I just pack up some PB &J's and go but what will I do when the weather turns cold? I guess our Science Center membership will be put to good use.  I have also found out that there is a "First Thursdays" Program in which a bunch of different museums in Seattle have a free day the first Thursday of each month & the Tacoma Children's Museum is free the first Friday of each month. 

Tyler enjoys the day shift because the work he's assigned is less stressful on his body but his ankle injury still haunts him.  He sits with his leg up every evening.  Because Tyler's work schedule changed so did his school schedule.  We were lucky and he was able to find 2 classes that are on Monday & Wednesday evenings and an online course.  He's super excited to start classes on the 19th and finish his Associates Degree.  I'm insisting he walks at graduation in June but he ultimately has to make the choice. 

With Tyler on day shift, we have decided for me to stay home with the kids.  I feel so blessed because both Tyler & I grew up with working mothers.  I understand that some people, friends & family don't get it.  But I'd rather keep my Focus & rent then work and put my kids in daycare with an uneducated sitter.  I feel like the material items we would have if I worked will always be there but my children will only be young once. Tyler & I agree that at anytime if I change my mind & decided to work, then we'll revisit the issue. I wish I could find a telecommuting job or a job that I only had to be in the office one or two days a week. But those jobs are usually made for current employees not new-hires. 

To keep myself busy on top of the house and two kids, I have decided to take on the position of Co-director of Outreach for Stand up for Kids Tacoma.  The work we do is amazing.  Each Friday night I meet teens and young adults who have come from bag families or families with generations of uneducated minimum wage earners who simply can't get out of the cycle of poverty.  Sometimes the people we meet are so involved in the street life of basic survival they are not even aware of the medical and education programs available to them.  I believe every person can accomplish ANYTHING they want with some effort and OLD FASHION HARD work. 

The kids are doing fabulous.  Issac's vocabulary is growing everyday and last week he began to engage with the TV.  So when the show says something he points & answers!  I LOVE this, it shows his attention level and also how much knowledge he actually has because he doesn't usually know I'm watching him.  We still do an hour of structured learning each morning after breakfast, but I think it is time to mix it up and get a craft box going.  Who knows, maybe I'll find something we can make together as Christmas gifts for family members.  Issac has started to play well with Josie.  he pushes her around on her car and brings her toys.  he's very protective of her too.  We went to the mall play area one day & when he noticed two kids standing next to Josie he ran over, pushed them away & shouted, "My Josie".  Then one boy pointed & said, "baby". Issac blocked him by standing in front of Josie screaming, "NO, My SISTER".  I have to admit, I smiled & thought it was funny but time to go home. =)

We spent Labor day weekend at home.  Saturday our friend Shobi took the kids while Tyler & I painted the back of the house.  We BBQ'd each night & Camped out in the back yard on Saturday & Sunday night.  Issac loves the tent & I can't wait to plan some camping trips for next summer.  Sunday we went to Les Grove Splash park and had lunch before watching Rio from the red box. It is a Super cute movie & both kids enjoyed the musical numbers through out the film.  Monday we cleaned house & checked out a splash park near the airport, which was LAME-O.  the water is on a timer so the kids tend to bunch around where ever the water is at that minute versus having buttons that activate each section separately and concurrently. Josie turns 9 months on Saturday. Her check up is next week & I
ll post a blog about her development then.  Enjoy the last few days of Summer. We will, headed to Fountain park now.  =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August is a Time for Family, Friends, Food and Fun.

Issac thinks anytime you have cake then it must be a party. Makes perfect sense to me.  Ever since his birthday, anytime we've had cake with every bite he smiles and says, "its a party".  The first weekend of August we went to lake goodwin to celebrate a friend's 4th birthday.  The beach area is perfect for young kids because you can walk a good 30 feet out & still be in shallow water.  In all the excitement of the day, Issac fell twice. Once was a bad fall that scraped his knee, elbow & back on the cement area surrounding the picnic table.  When we arrived home, we cleaned up the areas good & Issac got his 1st bandaids, with baloons on them. He still shows us his"hurt spot" but any sign of a scab is completly gone. 

The 12th we headed north to Ferndale to spend some time with Grandma Melanie.  Friday night we BBQ'd some steaks before we left the kids with grandma to enjoy a few drinks with friends.  Saturday we headed to my Mom's company picnic at Hovander Park.  Issac had never been inside a bouncy house before.  When we first arrived he walked around it for about 10-15 minutes deciding if he was interested. Next thing he was following kids in the door & we couldn't get him out even long enough to eat his catered lunch.  We tried to teach Issac how to hop in a sack race but he was reaching nap time & it only lasted a few minutes.  We also took a walk over to see the farm animals before we headed back to my Mom's.  The 14th is my Mom's birthday so I planned her a little surprise party. THANK YOU to our family & friends who made it over for some chicken cobobs, hot dogs & cake. My Mom was surprised & happy to be surrounded by her loved ones.  Sunday we headed home. 

The third weekend of August we got to spend some time in Marysville with Tyler's Mom Laura, her husband.  Also visiting from Spokane was Tyler's brother Jayson & his wife Andalyn.  Tyler & I enjoy when the kids get to see Jayson, at home Issac points out his pictures on the wall.  The weather was really nice so we spent sometime outdoors catching up & enjoying some yummy food on both Friday & Saturday evenings. After we headed home I realized we were enjoying each others company & never snapped any pictures, shame on us!!!    It was a great time & we can't wait to see Jayson & Andalyn again come the Holiday Season. 

For almost the last 5 years Tyler has worked the night shift.  Last week he got called into the office and his union number came up for day shift.  We are super excited to start this new chapter of our lives.  His new schedule is Monday thru Friday 6-2:30pm.  We know at first it will be an adjustment but are starting off with a new routine.  Sunday morning Disney movie, clean house, dinner & a nightly walk.  I hope the kids adjust quickly.  Tyler starts days tomorrow so I guess its off to bed. We're having a yard sale next weekend, I hope we make enough money to do something extra fun for labor Day.  Enjoy the summer, its almost over.  XOXO

Monday, August 15, 2011

Joyous July

Independence Day fell on a Monday this year but we enjoyed a weekend of fun and sun.  On Friday, the 1st I took Tyler and Issac out in the back yard & shaved their heads! This was Issac's first haircut so of course I kept his hair in a sandwich bag.  Shaving off his curls has made him look like such a big boy.  He loves it & keeps rubbing his head and saying, "like daddy".  On Saturday we adventured to Owen Beach to enjoy a BBQ with some of my fellow Urbanists or Urban Studies buddies for a farewell to Felix who has since returned home to Hong Kong.  Issac LOVES the beach, he enjoys playing in the sand and water with his bucket & shovels.

To celebrate Independence day we went to our friends the Wagesters for a BBQ.  The food was great, the company was fabulous & the fireworks AWESOME. During the hot sunshine, the kids played in the pool, on the swing set & enjoyed some water balloons.  Once it was dark, the fireworks began.  It was the 1st time Issac had seen fireworks beside on the movie Yogi Bear (his fav).  He enjoyed them & did a great job of staying seated in his chair.

On July 6th, Tyler returned to work.  He was first released to part time but has since been fully released back to full duty.  His ankle still bothers him & becomes very swollen after a 14 hour night.  But the doctor says that is to be expected.  If Tyler stays at his job until May 2012 he'll become fully-vested in his retirement plan. Tyler is also only 40 credits shy of his Associates degree, so back to school he goes.  Because of these factors, we have decided that it is best for our family if Tyler works & goes to school while I stay home full time. 

Being at stay at home Mom can be fun & stressful at the same time, Issac is definitely in his terrible twos! Tyler works at night so I do dinner, baths, story time and bedtime alone. Then Tyler sleeps some days until 12 or 1pm so I do wake up, breakfast, flash cards & colors.  I spend at least 1 hour every day doing structured learning activities before I let him do free time & it has really paid off. Issac knows his 8 basic colors & can count to 20.  Issac enjoys finger painting, coloring with crayons, playing with modeling clay and building with his colored blocks.   When Tyler wakes up he spends some time reading books to Issac, some days it is 3 books, other days it can be as many as 8 or 9 books. It is so cute because Issac always asks for, "one more book".  Currently I'm trying to teach him his shapes & the alphabet.  The last few weeks the sun has been shining so I have been taking the kids to the park or to the splash park sometimes in the morning and in the evening.  One benefit of living in King County is that there are so many park options within a 15 minute drive, we go to somewhere new all the time.  Issac loves being outside & I enjoy watching him be creative in self play or running around with the kids he meets on the playground. 

Josie started to pull herself to standing on July 6th.  She now walks around the furniture & takes small steps between things.  She says ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba & Issac (her verion).  She knows where we keep her foods & crawls to the highchair when she is hungry.  She enjoys bath time just like Issac & stays in the tub playing with him for about 20-30 minutes each night.  She really enjoys our morning walks in the stroller. She only gets cranky when the stroller stops or goes slow.   Since I have graduated, Josie gets very fussy when I'm gone. She knows when I leave & is miss fussy for daddy. But she cries for him if sleeps too long, its so cute how much she wants us both. Melts our hearts. 

Adjusting to our new routine has kept me from updating the blog but it is my hope to get caught up this week.  Happy August to everyone. Until next time ~ XOXO