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It seems as that I go “home” to Ferndale less and less.Part of that is because it is tough to pack up two adults, two kids and two dogs for a weekend trip.Part of that is because the price of gas has skyrocketed in recent years.But really it is because going home is painful.Going to Ferndale is a reminder that my Grandma has passed.I left town and moved to Everett just before my 21st birthday.  I have traveled home for many holidays and gatherings in the decade since. But because I have lived away it is easy to trick myself in to not thinking about my Grandma being gone... Until I go home and I don’t see her smile or hear her voice.
When I go to Whatcom County it seems everywhere I go in the area holds a memory of my Grandma.Tyler luckily never complains about my endless stories that start with; ‘Once, My Grandma took me there and…” AND I get angry when things change like how dare they tear down the original Shrimp Shack?And now there is a “NEW” shrimp Shack? I remember the last time I…

4th of July 2013

I spent the morning of July third in the kitchen making homemade biscuits, fried chicken, potato salad and all the fixings.When Tyler got off work we loaded up and went to the Auburn airport to enjoy an evening of watching low flying single engine airplanes.Once the sun went down I busted out the collection of dollar store glow sticks I had purchased.Around ten the fireworks at Emerald Downs Horse Track began.

This was our second summer of doing this and we all enjoy it.The low flying coming and going of the airplanes keeps the children entertained until the sun goes down.We also get to enjoy the fabulous Emerald Downs fireworks show without spending a ton of money or by over stimulating the children at the horse track.The kids love the fireworks, hooting and hollering at the most spectacular sequences.

We slept in on the fourth and enjoyed a big breakfast before heading out to Auburn’s Red, White & Blue Fourth of July festivities at Les Grove Park.We enjoyed the playground, a petti…