Wednesday, March 14, 2012

--> JUST INK IT <--

While I am very aware that some people are completely against tattoos and others straight up think it will secure you a spot in hell, in my family you are more likely to be excommunicated for NOT having ink.  I have not one or two but FIVE cousins that at one time or another made a living inking up the bodies of the masses.  Even my Grandma had a tattoo anklet of beautiful butterflies she didn’t receive until the 1990’s.
Among my previous tattoos I already have my brother’s name “Shawn Ryan” on my left ankle. It serves me as a remembrance & reminder of his life cut short. As I slowly mend my aching heart from the loss of my Grandma I decided a tattoo was necessary. I had thought about what I might want & briefly discussed it with Tyler. 
In early February, one afternoon my Mom called after a phone call she shared with my Great Aunt. It seems without me asking my cousin Laurie already knew a tattoo was needed and she drew up a design. After my great Aunt saw the design, she wanted a tattoo as well. More phone calls & texts happened & a date was set. My Great Aunt, whom is my Grandma’s only sibling, my Mom, my Aunt Nicole and I all decided to get Rose tattoos. My Grandma’s name was Rosalie & she went by Rose to many people. 
I arrived in Oak harbor first and got my Tattoo Saturday evening. Nicole got her tattoo Saturday night. My Mom got her tattoo on Sunday & my Great-Auntie got her tattoo done on Monday. Each tattoo is a little different in color & design, but not in meaning. It was a busy weekend but so glad we got together & had them done. “A family that inks together stays together”.
My Aunt Nicole's tattoo

My Mom's left shoulder

My Great Aunt's forearm