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--> JUST INK IT <--

While I am very aware that some people are completely against tattoos and others straight up think it will secure you a spot in hell, in my family you are more likely to be excommunicated for NOT having ink.I have not one or two but FIVE cousins that at one time or another made a living inking up the bodies of the masses.Even my Grandma had a tattoo anklet of beautiful butterflies she didn’t receive until the 1990’s. Among my previous tattoos I already have my brother’s name “Shawn Ryan” on my left ankle.It serves me as a remembrance & reminder of his life cut short.As I slowly mend my aching heart from the loss of my Grandma I decided a tattoo was necessary.I had thought about what I might want & briefly discussed it with Tyler. In early February, one afternoon my Mom called after a phone call she shared with my Great Aunt.It seems without me asking my cousin Laurie already knew a tattoo was needed and she drew up a design.After my great Aunt saw the design, she wanted a tattoo…