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The Simple Things in Life

I think it can be easy in this commercialized era to become obsessed with new things.Although I too sometimes wish I had the best of everything, like when my car was broken I wish I could have just ran out & bought a new one (Dream BIG Leah).But at the end of the day I realize that there will always be a bigger this or a nicer that, the real challenge in life is being able to be happy with what we have in front of us, within an arm’s reach.
So this Valentine’s Day instead of getting my undies in a wad because my husband didn’t get sucked into the jewelry commercials and buy me something that sparkles, accompanied by something edible with a side of gonna be dead in a week.Instead I’m going to be grateful for what I got.One of my New Year’s resolutions, which I think might be one of the biggest challenges in life.

1-Sunshine:Earlier this month we had a few days of beautiful sunshine. It is amazing how good the sun feels on your face after being stuck inside for a few months.We spent S…

Snow Storm 2012

Last year Issac loved the snow.He enjoyed watching it fall outside & smiled the entire time Tyler pulled him around the yard & street in his sled.This year we prepared for the same excitement by purchasing a second sled for Josie in October when they appeared in the stores.November came & left without even a sprinkle of snow. The December dream for a white Christmas was a failure.
Leave it to my Grandma to have the first snow Josie ever saw the morning of her memorial service.January 14th we woke up at my Mom’s house in Ferndale to beautiful layer of white powder.With the forecast calling for more snow we headed home Saturday evening after the Memorial service to avoid becoming snowed in at Grandma’s house.
Sunday morning from the moment we woke up Issac was at the window watching the snow.We got the kids all bundled up & went for a walk around the neighborhood.Monday while Tyler was at work I took the kids for a sled ride around the neighborhood & made homemade chi…