Monday, May 30, 2011

~Issac's Second Birthday~

We had a busy few day surrounding Issac's Birthday. Thursday we woke up to a beautiful day so we took our family to NW Trek Wildlife Park with Cousin Robbie & Cousin Hannah. It was a wonderful time & the park wasn't too busy because it was a weekday.  The kids LOVED the animals & being able to run freely. Friday we went to Tacoma to participate in "Play in Peace Day". It was a fabulous day to celebrate the memory of a lil girl & hold a peace march, then we went home to BBQ & have some relaxing family time. 

Saturday was Issac's Party at Pacific Science Center.  We did a dinosaur theme with cup cakes & lava muds (chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs & gummy worms) for the kids.  Issac got some clothes, a BBQ, a tool bench, cars & dinosaurs: all his favorites. He was so cute running around saying, "I two" & "party". Unwrapping presents could have taken all day if I had let Issac do it his way- he wants to remove every piece of wrapping paper & tape from each gift! I helped move him along by swiftly switching the gifts after a few minutes of investigation. Issac was happy to have all his favorite people their to celebrate with him. My favorite part of the day was when he got shy when everyone was singing him "happy Birthday".

Issac at 2: We haven't taken Issac's 2 year pictures yet or done his 2 year well-child check up. They are both planned for the coming 2 weeks. We scheduled them so that we can do Issac's 2 yr & Josie's 6 month pictures & check ups at the same time. I'll share their new measurements & pictures then but here is a description of Issac at age two. 

 Issac sleeps in his race car bed but still doesn't sleep through the night.  Issac hates naps, avoids them actually. We can get him to sleep in the car or sometimes in his highchair after lunch.  At bed time we read him 3 books, we try 2 but usually he says "more book please" & we read a third.  For breakfast: Issac LOVES eggs, everyday. He also enjoys fruit, bacon, sausage, oatmeal and bagels. For lunch: Issac loves the classics; tuna, PB&J, turkey chili, mac & cheese, turkey hotdogs and mickey mouse chicken nuggets.  For snacks or sides Issac enjoys carrots & broccoli with ranch, any fruit, goldfish crackers, apple sauce, yogurt and string cheese.  He asks for "water" to drink when he wants it & knows when his milk lacks chocolate, "chocolate not in there", Issac says.  We only give him 100% juice & still put half the cup water.  For dinner Issac eats whatever we are having but is not a big fan of anything spicy & is very picky about the temperature, he enjoys his food COLD. 

Issac spends his days playing outside in the back yard or inside with his cars, oh how he loves his cars. He points outside and says, "mom's car blue, daddy's car black".  When we go for walks he runs up to the cars and points out the "tires", and stomps in the puddles.  When going on a car ride he likes to point out the trucks and buses. Sometimes it is non-stop, "There's the Bus", "where'd the bus go", There's the bus".

We try to take Issac to the park at least once a week, but I think we've been 4 out of the last 5 days. This morning Issac went to Josie's bedroom door & knocked, so I let him in & asked him what he needed & he grabbed the infant car seat & said, "play, park, please momma".

Issac knows most animal noises, a few colors; blue, black and red. Issac can count to 7 and can, with help, say the alphabet to letter L. We limit the TV, he watches but Mickey Mouse, Dinosaur Train, and Curious George are his faves.  He Loves to watch movies; Cars,Yogi Bear, Toy Story and Bambi are the movies he will ask for by name.

 When it comes to Josie, who is now 5 months, Issac is a big helper.  If you ask him to go grab you something or carry something for sister, he is on it.  Every night before bed he gives her a kiss & it is so funny because he points to her head, ear, or face where he wants to kiss her & with a puzzled look asks, "Muah? Muah?". It's to cute because he ALWAYS asks before he kisses her. He also likes to give sister his cars or a toy & say "share".  I love how sweet he is, he shows constant concern for her & often the two of them have lil giggle conversations where Tyler & I don't understand but it sure makes us smile! 

Tyler & I look forward to another year of miles stones & achomplishments. Thank you to everybody who has made an effort to be a part of our lives &take witness to amazing personalities our children have developed. We love each of you!  ~Til next time~ XOXO

Sunday, May 15, 2011

~Mighty May~

May is a super busy month for us. May 5th Tyler & I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  Tyler got me a dozen roses & a card.  We had a busy day at home as we packed the car and headed north to Bellingham for the weekend.  We arrived at my Mom's house in Ferndale Thursday night.  Friday, I went into Bellingham to join my fellow UW Tacoma classmates on the CIVITAS annual trip.  We had a busy afternoon that started with a presentation from city planning officials on their "urban Villages" concept.  Then we walked to meet with a habitat restoration specialist who discussed a beautiful project along Whatcom Creek.  Finally we walked down to the old GP Paper mill site for a couple of meetings with Port representatives.  First the economic advisor discussed the impact of the border. Then we were given a tour of the old GP site. It was fascinating to see these old brick buildings being gutted and take a close look at the huge pieces of machinery they were abstracting from the buildings. 

Then I went back to my Mom's house to enjoy a dinner with my family & my uncle John & his wife Tina who were visiting from Virgina.  Saturday Tyler & I joined up with the student group at the Bellingham Farmer's Market. then we went on a walking tour of WWU.  Tyler & I are open to moving, so if I could ever find work, Western is where Tyler would earn his BA.  Saturday afternoon we enjoyed some more time with my family before John & Tina had to head to the airport.  Tyler & I then joined back up with my student group to enjoy an evening stroll & dinner in Fairhaven. 

Sunday was MOTHER'S DAY.  We took my Grandma Roslie & Mom out to lunch at Olive Garden in Bellingham before we headed south.  We stopped in Marysville to do some shopping before meeting up with Tyler's Mom Laura & her Husband Mark for dinner at Boston's. It was meant to be a surprise but either way it was a great time.  We drove home, unpacked & prepared for a new week. 

The weekdays are jammed packed. Mondays & Wednesdays I'm gone 9-4 at my internship & then class.  Tuesdays & Thursdays Tyler has physical Therapy, yes he is still off work do to injury.  He is under the doctor's care & doing all the necessary exercises to try and regain the strength in his ankle.  Graduation is approaching, I mailed out announcements & the party plans are under way.  Today, Tyler ordered my cap & Gown, I get to pick it up on my birthday, woo hoo for me.

This weekend we got a babysitter for Issac on Saturday so Tyler & I could go to breakfast.  We took Josie with us, enjoyed breakfast, a trip to Costco, exchanged a broken toy at Walmart & visited the federal Way Farmer's Market. All before 2pm! I then spent the evening volunteering at the Citizens for a Healthy Bay auction. It was a beautiful event.  Sunday, Laura, Mark and Janiel came down for a salad & homemade turkey sausage lasagna. 

Here goes another week.  our camera is broken- explains the lack of pictures. :( we tried to return it and....drum roll please: we were 1 day past our 90 day return policy. the manager instructed us to call the manufacture. Issac's 2nd Birthday is approaching. Next Saturday we are celebrating with family & friends at the Pacific Science Center with a dinosaur theme. I hope to post a blog & pictures about it next Sunday.  Until then~ XOXO

Our 1st Easter as a Family of Four

Easter weekend was BUSY.  Thursday Robbie & Hannah came over for a visit.  Friday Grandma Laura stopped in for a few hours & then we took Josie to her 1st Mariner's game in the evening.  Issac stayed at home with a babysitter and enjoyed a fun night of playing cars & watching movies.  The Mariners have been on a loosing streak but they WON for us. ;)  

Saturday morning Grandma Melanie came down from Bellingham on the Amtrak. Her train was running late but when she arrived we drove straight to the zoo to enjoy the amazing weather Seattle was having.  Issac enjoyed his 1st Easter Egg Hunt.  He was totally IN TO IT: climbing under bushes & filling the baskets of other children in the toddler egg hunt area, the eggs were empty but made us excited for the Easter Bunny to come.  We then enjoyed the zoo visiting all the animals, of which the monkeys, gorillas & elephants were most captivating to Issac. 

Easter morning, we had covered the living room with plastic eggs filled with plastic bugs, chalk & goldfish crackers for Issac & headbands & bows for Josie.  Grandma Mel, Tyler & I all waited for Issac who slept in til 9:30 am to wake up. Right away Issac notice the eggs around the house.  On a normal morning he wants to cuddle & drink his milk for about 20 minutes before he starts his day but as soon as he climbed into my Mom's lap he wanted down & began to collect the eggs.  Each egg he brought one at a time to Grandma Mel to open, smiling with excitement with each egg.  It was amazing to watch Issac, he was so into the egg hunt. Then he noticed the basket & took each book and item out to be examined.  I made a nice Spinach & Bacon Quiche & we enjoyed a quite day.

I made a yummy Ham dinner & we were joined by my friend Shobi & Tyler's cousin Robbie.  Monday morning Tyler took my Mom to the train.  It was a wonderful weekend! I hope everyone had a great Easter Filled with wounderful Memories.