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~Issac's Second Birthday~

We had a busy few day surrounding Issac's Birthday. Thursday we woke up to a beautiful day so we took our family to NW Trek Wildlife Park with Cousin Robbie & Cousin Hannah. It was a wonderful time & the park wasn't too busy because it was a weekday.  The kids LOVED the animals & being able to run freely. Friday we went to Tacoma to participate in "Play in Peace Day". It was a fabulous day to celebrate the memory of a lil girl & hold a peace march, then we went home to BBQ & have some relaxing family time. 

Saturday was Issac's Party at Pacific Science Center.  We did a dinosaur theme with cup cakes & lava muds (chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs & gummy worms) for the kids.  Issac got some clothes, a BBQ, a tool bench, cars & dinosaurs: all his favorites. He was so cute running around saying, "I two" & "party". Unwrapping presents could have taken all day if I had let Issac do it his way- he wants to remove eve…

~Mighty May~

May is a super busy month for us. May 5th Tyler & I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  Tyler got me a dozen roses & a card.  We had a busy day at home as we packed the car and headed north to Bellingham for the weekend.  We arrived at my Mom's house in Ferndale Thursday night.  Friday, I went into Bellingham to join my fellow UW Tacoma classmates on the CIVITAS annual trip.  We had a busy afternoon that started with a presentation from city planning officials on their "urban Villages" concept.  Then we walked to meet with a habitat restoration specialist who discussed a beautiful project along Whatcom Creek.  Finally we walked down to the old GP Paper mill site for a couple of meetings with Port representatives.  First the economic advisor discussed the impact of the border. Then we were given a tour of the old GP site. It was fascinating to see these old brick buildings being gutted and take a close look at the huge pieces of machinery they were abstractin…

Our 1st Easter as a Family of Four

Easter weekend was BUSY.  Thursday Robbie & Hannah came over for a visit.  Friday Grandma Laura stopped in for a few hours & then we took Josie to her 1st Mariner's game in the evening.  Issac stayed at home with a babysitter and enjoyed a fun night of playing cars & watching movies.  The Mariners have been on a loosing streak but they WON for us. ;)  

Saturday morning Grandma Melanie came down from Bellingham on the Amtrak. Her train was running late but when she arrived we drove straight to the zoo to enjoy the amazing weather Seattle was having.  Issac enjoyed his 1st Easter Egg Hunt.  He was totally IN TO IT: climbing under bushes & filling the baskets of other children in the toddler egg hunt area, the eggs were empty but made us excited for the Easter Bunny to come.  We then enjoyed the zoo visiting all the animals, of which the monkeys, gorillas & elephants were most captivating to Issac. 

Easter morning, we had covered the living room with plastic eggs …