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November passed like a series of overwhelming sneezes.The next month is filled with exciting holidays and celebrations so it is my intention to post about each of these exciting events.So until next week when I get to pleasantly write about Josie’s 1st Thanksgiving, here is ten exciting things that happened this month.

1-On Saturday November 5th we finished up our breakfast & headed to downtown Auburn to attend the annual Veteran’s Day Parade.Josie slept most of the parade all cozy in the Bjorn on Tyler’s chest.Issac was fascinated by the cars, motorcycles, bands and people.I chased down one of those salesmen pushing a shopping cart full of overly priced blow up toys to purchase Issac a flag.He was a good boy about not hitting people with his flag & was quick to hold it up when I reminded him that the flag shouldn’t touch the ground.
2-Tyler’s birthday was on a Sunday.For breakfast I tried a new recipe that turned out fabulous; fruit filled puff pancake.For dinner I created one …

Not so Cheerful

It’s that time of year again. Time to deck the halls & be jolly, or so the saying goes.Every year I have to force myself into the joy.Each holiday season comes and goes & I celebrate on New Year’s Eve that I made it through another year.This year Issac is old enough to start to understand what is happening around him, so I think we’ll get a Christmas tree before December 20th this year!I have even already started to get our Christmas cards together, watched a couple holiday kid movies & even took out a few winter decorations.BUT I’m internally fighting it, but my brain knows it is here, EVERYONE is on fb talking about that fat jolly man Santa. So now I must face the fact that the holiday season is in full swing, on TV, at the stores and even in our conversations.
I haven’t always been a Grinch.As a young child, my Mother & my family celebrated the holiday season with a variety of yearly traditions.Although I successfully “fake-it” each year, and few around me can see t…

Changing Seasons

October has come & gone. It was an amazing month all gearing up to the big day: Halloween!I was super excited to take Issac trick or treating this year.To prepare we did a ton of pumpkin crafts, checked out some Halloween themed books from the library and watched a few Halloween movies including A Word World Halloween DVD, Spooky Buddies & others.Here are our top ten highlights for the month.
1)On the 5th we celebrated a friend’s 1st birthday.I went with my friend Jen & her daughter Lily to Pacific Science Center with the kids.I packed some Pb&J’s & we had a great time.
2)The 8th I took Josie to a birthday party & Issac got to see his first theater movie with Dad.Tyler took Issac to see Cars 2 and Issac did a great job, lasting almost the entire film’s length.
3)The 9th Tyler’s Mom & Mark came over for dinner. Tyler made us Beef & Broccoli with rice & salad. It was delish!!!
4)This month I took on a volunteer position of Co-Director of Outreach at SU4K …