Thursday, February 19, 2015

27 days of Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf Tad reappeared this Christmas season.   As usual Tad had some good tricks up his sleeve.  I recycled some old ideas and turned to Pinterest for some new activities.  I used a LOT of free printables off Pinterest this year.  I printed them off at the public library so they didn't cost me any cash, just a few minutes of my time.  We enjoy seeing how the kids react each year, shoot, each morning!!!! Issac LOVES our elf, sometimes breaking out in to full laughter before he has even completly opened his eyes! Josie on the other hand.....Well, some days she is not a big Tad fan.  We reguraly heard her say "TAD WAS BAD!" & 'TAD IS NOT NICE!"  And she even had a couple of minor breakdowns over Tad playing with her toys & the smores....Oh my was Josie upset that Tad had ate all the marshmellows & not saved her any!  Confession & Mean Parent Alert- Josie provided us with some good laughs this holiday season!  The logic of a four year old is awesome.  

Now that Issac can read I am going to have to be better at planning ahead next year.  I will need to type up all my notes & uses some of those cool free printable letters from Santa! 
I will be honest. We were out of town for Thanksgiving & I forgot to move Tad out.  So when we returned home I was very quick like & pulled Tad out of our closet & put him in the bathroom while Tyler & the kids unloaded the car.  Sneaky, sneaky!

Day 2 Tad brought us Elf on the Shelf Coloring sheets.
 Day 3 & Day 4 tad was just "hanging" out.

Josie's 4th Birthday "Elsa Party"

Every year we struggle to keep Josie's December birthday separate from Christmas.  We get our tree after her party and then shove all things Christmas into a ten day period.  Afterward each year we discuss celebrating Josie's birthday in November to break up the holidays and spread out all the festivities.  This year with Tyler's Grandparents being in town from Salt Lake City we decided this was the year. We decided to celebrate early & have Josie's party of the long Thanksgiving weekend. 

We knew that celebrating an hour away from home & over the holiday weekend would eliminate a lot of guests & her preschool classrooms but it was worth it.  We celebrated Josie's 4th Birthday on the Sunday after Thanksgiving at Alfy's Pizza in Marysville.  We had all the usual suspects; grandparents, family members and friends.  It was the perfect low key party.  I think every guest had a great time. There were cupcakes, balloons & presents & well, when you are 4 that is all that matters!!!

 I know that people look at Josie & they think she is a healthy, normal girl.  However, we have had many heath scares with this little one & have spent the last four years monitoring her Pulmonary Valve Stenosis.  This year at Josie's cardiologist appointment we were told we don't have to go back for FIVE YEARS!!! Her doctor was completely surprised & said that although he doesn't want us to get a false sense of security it appears that her condition has healed as she has grown & it may never cause her problems.  Whereas previously we thought she would need preteen heart surgery. Such a blessing!
Josie at 4
Josie is sweet and Sassy.  She is girly & enjoys wearing dresses, carrying purses and having her hair brushed. She eats two pieces of toast for breakfast every day.  If by chance she doesn't have toast for breakfast, she will remind you at bed time that she didn't have her daily toast & expect it then.  For lunch Josie likes pizza or cheese, Ritz and turkey peperoni slices.  For dinner Josie is slowly eating more & trying new things.  She is so stinking cute when she surprisingly springs up & says "I didn't know that I liked that"!
On Mondays Josie has ballet class.  On Wednesdays we go to alphabet story time at the library.  And on Thursdays & Fridays she has preschool.  When she is not enjoying her activities she likes to play with her babies, barbies, ponies and princess castle.  If Issac is at school, Josie enjoys playing with his ninja turtle toys.  She asses regularly to do puzzles,play playdoh and for her colors box for coloring.
She is independent and wants to do things herself but then the next minute, she is needy & pretends she doesn't know how to do things. I enjoy watching her figure life out, how that key fits in the hole, which shoe goes on which foot & how to get the line on her sock to line up across the top of her little toes.  She is caring, gives hugs & kisses and shows concern  for others feelings. She is bossy.  She is messy. She is still our little dirt princess. And NOW......She is four.