Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mother"s Day Weekend 2015

We started off celebrating Mother's Day with Josie & I attending the Mother's Day Tea at her preschool on Thursday. I attended a similar event with my son last year. The idea behind the event is simple enough- a gathering of mothers & grandmothers with their offspring to celebrate each other & the upcoming holiday- Mother's Day.  

 Because we live "out of town" or hours away from our families, I couldn't invite my Mom or Mother in law to join me as the others around me could. I sat with my child, alone.... JOKING! I sat at a table surrounded by my preschool mommy friends. Josie's teacher had the entire room set up before anyone arrived. Each Mom had a name card & a stack of gifts at their place setting.

It was a wonderful event and I left feeling  thought of. The months & weeks leading up to the event; someone, Teacher Carol to be exact thought of all us Moms. Josie's teacher really went above and beyond to make the event very special. 

On Saturday, we started off bright and early with a 9am soccer game!!! We got our team pictures back & remembered one of our players was on vacation when we had pictures taken. So, we snapped a picture of the whole team in the beautiful morning sun!

After soccer, we went home & relaxed for a little bit before Tyler & the kids went to go grocery shopping for Sunday's meals. When they returned we packed up a picnic & headed to Dumas Bay in Federal Way to enjoy the 79 degree weather. The tide was super far out! Like crazy far out from shore when we arrived around 2pm. We adventured out to the water before settling in on sun tent for some food. Then the kids enjoyed playing in the water & sand. Issac collected branches & sticks to create a bridge. Josie made sand castles while singing "you are my treasurer" on repeat. 

On Sunday morning I got to sleep in!!!! Pick up your jaw- I was still up by 7:30. But it was still nice to sleep past 6!! Tyler & Issac were already up & had layed out all my gifts on the table. 

After a wonderful breakfast of homemade crepes, Tyler packed a wonderful lunch of roast beef & cheddar sandwiches with watermelon & cataloupe and we headed to the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center. We hiked & went on a nature scavenger hunt (provided by the ranger), and then attended a class on the Great Blue Herrings. 

Next we drove just a few minutes to Island Crest Park on Meecer Island to check out a dragon playground. There was walking paths & multiple pieces of playground equiptment spread out through a wooded area. It was a nice break from the sunshine & a fun new adventure.
Around five o'clock we trekked back home for dinner. Tyler barbecued my favorite- steak & shrimp.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend filled with both old & new adventures & a lot of love!!!  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I can hardly believe that Issac is six. It is true that time flies. I try to take daily mental notes of all the little things so I can preserve our children's young lives forever in my memories. I take pictures every day. Pictures I share and pictures I don't. So many wonderful friends & family members see our kids grow via social media & I am thankful for the ability to stay in contact with people all across the globe.  But there is so much people don't see or know. 
So in an effort to preserve today, here are six things about Issac that you just can't fully capture with an image.

1- His love for loving.
Issac loves giving loves. If we go somewhere new, he is great at holding Josie's hand. If Josie gets hurt, he gives her a loving squeeze.  He gives the best hugs & a ton of kisses. He gives Josie loves before he leaves for school & has a routine of hugs & kisses each morning he gives me loves as he gets on the bus or at drop off. I realize these kisses are numbered with each day & year so I welcome all the lovins. Nothing makes me smile more than Issac's sweet kisses on the forehead & checks. 

2- His quest for knowledge.
Issac loves Wild Keatts on PBS. The show educates children on animals & their habitats & Issac loves learning about everything from worms to Hippos & Tigers! Kindergarten has also been a year of of emotional & academic growth for Issac. He now reads at a second grade level & every opportunity to read- he takes!!! building signs, flyers at informational booths.... If it has words- Issac is reading it!  

3- His love of water.
Puddles, swimming, wadding, making mud pies,  the bath tub. Issac loves to play in the water. Always has & I am sure he always will.

4- His love of sticks.
Every where we go; Issac finds a stick. If we go to a park or on a hike or if he is just outside our front door there is a stick to be found!!! Issac stashes sticks too!!! Often we have sticks outside our front door, sitting on our pack porch, a stack in the bush next to where I park my car & even a few sticks stashed under the driver's seat in my car!!! 

5-His own style of clothing.
Since he was three, Issac has vocalized that he likes polo shirts. He actually calls them "handsome boy shirts"! He doesn't like long sleeved shirts or long socks. He requires an under tank top & prefers to layer his clothes, sometimes sneaking out of the house with 3 or 4 shirts on!!!! He likes to wear a button up on top of his tee shirts & never leaves the house(except school) without his baseball hat!  

6-His Sillyness!
I swear Issac is a lil comedian! He loves telling jokes, having dance parties & making people laugh. I love when he makes Josie giggle & then the two of them have a "giggle party". He has this side of him that we call "that lil Grandpa Brad comes out!" Where he makes silly voices & breaks out in a lil happy dance! He care about other people's happiness too & knows when those around him are feeling down- that's when he steps up to make them smile!

Today, We Celebrate my little man, my number one. Today he turns six & I hope that he continues to be this amazingly kind, generous & loving guy forever!!! 

Easter Extravaganza

This year Easter weekend was busy, busy, busy. It went fast & was fabulous weather, people & filled with fun.  To start it off, Josie & I had an Easter egg hunt & celebration with her preschool class.  This was fun but I have beef with two set s of parents- whomever put glitter in the plastic eggs needs to identify themselves for clean up duties next time & whomever put the stamps in the eggs should have warned me because Josie got a hold of those stamps & covered her arms & legs on the ride home without me even noticing.  Although I should have known something more than candy eating was happening in the back seat by her silence!

 On Saturday was Issac’s first soccer game of the season.  Grandpa Brad & Grandma Shannon came to watch.  Then we went home to get the dogs & load the car and our apartment community was hosting an Easter Egg hunt with food, cookie decorating & bunny pictures.  

Once we finally got on the road to head north we stopped in Marysville at Tyler’s Mom’s house to have lunch with Grandma Laura, Grandpa Mark & Uncle Jayson.  The kids got fun baskets full of goodies & enjoyed making pizzas with Uncle Jayson.

Eventually we made it to Ferndale where we enjoyed dinner & a fun Easter Egg Decorating party at Aunt Nicole & Uncle Warren’s house.  It was fun to see the kids get in to decorating the eggs.  Issac enjoyed drawing designs & writing our names on the eggs.  Josie spent her time decorating as many eggs as possible pink!!!

Easter Morning the kids located all of the Easter Bunny’s goodies & got dressed just in time for our bestest family friends the Wagester family to arrive.  I was so excited to have had them invited to spend Easter with us in Ferndale.  The kids spent the day hunting for eggs, playing soccer, racquetball, drawing with chalk & re-hiding the eggs.  The weather was perfect & everyone had a great time. 

Thank you to the Wagesters for joining us. Thank you to my Mom for buying the kids Easter outfits & a Big thank you to Uncle Warren & Aunt Nicole for hosting another fun filled holiday get together.  We love you all!!!

Field Trip Fun

I have been so fortunate to be able to chaperone all of the kid’s field trips this year.  In October I went to the zoo with Issac & to the pumpkin patch with Josie.  This spring I chaperoned three more trips. I always enjoy seeing the kids interact with their classmates and I usually have a little fun too. 

In February, I accompanied Issac’s Kindergarten class to the Seattle Aquarium.  A lot of parents volunteered for this trip so I only had three children in my group which made it easy to swiftly move from one exhibit to another. It was a cold rainy day.  We started off by seeing a scuba diver in the front takes, exploring the touch tanks, walking around to visit all the fish(twice) and then spent a good chunk of time outside watching the seals & otters.  The kids in my group were bummed that there wasn’t any dolphins or whales as if we were going to Sea World!  To wrap up our trip we watched the octopuses get feed shrimp & then attended a hour long presentation upstairs.

At the end of March I accompanied Issac’s class to the Seattle Children’s Theater located at Seattle Center.  We got to watch a performance of “Good Night Moon”.   I spent the time watching the play & watching the children’s reactions.  They did an awesome job of turning a simple children’s book in to a fabulous musical production.  After the play we had a picnic lunch & let the kids run around & explore before heading back to school.  

In April, our Co-op Preschool took a field trip to the Highline Community College Marine & Science Technology Center.  We attended a Crabs & Critters presentation and then got to go outside to explore the touch tanks filled with crabs, jelly fish & other underwater Puget Sound critters. The kids loved every minute of it.  I watched the kids to see who was curious & courageous enough to touch & who let their reservations win & went home dry handed.