Mother"s Day Weekend 2015

We started off celebrating Mother's Day with Josie & I attending the Mother's Day Tea at her preschool on Thursday. I attended a similar event with my son last year. The idea behind the event is simple enough- a gathering of mothers & grandmothers with their offspring to celebrate each other & the upcoming holiday- Mother's Day.  

 Because we live "out of town" or hours away from our families, I couldn't invite my Mom or Mother in law to join me as the others around me could. I sat with my child, alone.... JOKING! I sat at a table surrounded by my preschool mommy friends. Josie's teacher had the entire room set up before anyone arrived. Each Mom had a name card & a stack of gifts at their place setting.

It was a wonderful event and I left feeling  thought of. The months & weeks leading up to the event; someone, Teacher Carol to be exact thought of all us Moms. Josie's teacher really went above and beyond to make the event very special. 

On Saturday, we started off bright and early with a 9am soccer game!!! We got our team pictures back & remembered one of our players was on vacation when we had pictures taken. So, we snapped a picture of the whole team in the beautiful morning sun!

After soccer, we went home & relaxed for a little bit before Tyler & the kids went to go grocery shopping for Sunday's meals. When they returned we packed up a picnic & headed to Dumas Bay in Federal Way to enjoy the 79 degree weather. The tide was super far out! Like crazy far out from shore when we arrived around 2pm. We adventured out to the water before settling in on sun tent for some food. Then the kids enjoyed playing in the water & sand. Issac collected branches & sticks to create a bridge. Josie made sand castles while singing "you are my treasurer" on repeat. 

On Sunday morning I got to sleep in!!!! Pick up your jaw- I was still up by 7:30. But it was still nice to sleep past 6!! Tyler & Issac were already up & had layed out all my gifts on the table. 

After a wonderful breakfast of homemade crepes, Tyler packed a wonderful lunch of roast beef & cheddar sandwiches with watermelon & cataloupe and we headed to the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center. We hiked & went on a nature scavenger hunt (provided by the ranger), and then attended a class on the Great Blue Herrings. 

Next we drove just a few minutes to Island Crest Park on Meecer Island to check out a dragon playground. There was walking paths & multiple pieces of playground equiptment spread out through a wooded area. It was a nice break from the sunshine & a fun new adventure.
Around five o'clock we trekked back home for dinner. Tyler barbecued my favorite- steak & shrimp.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend filled with both old & new adventures & a lot of love!!!  


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