Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Red Hawks

In October we signed Issac up for basketball.  Being that he is only five, he was very reluctant to try something new.  Issac was vocal about wanting to play soccer again. He didn’t understand that different seasons offer different sports.  We discussed the benefits of trying something new; we discussed other options such as swimming, karate & basketball all as winter activity options.  Once he thought about it, he decided that trying basketball would be fun.  So in November, Issac started basketball practice.  His team was all Kindergarteners and coached by three high school boys.  Right out the gate the team of eleven players was down to eight.

 I was amazed each week as I watched practice at how good some of the players were for such a young age. Some of the players could make hoop after hoop and maintain good ball control from one end of the court to the other.  Issac had never done more than try to dribble a ball before so everything about basketball was new. But Issac didn't give up.  Each week he practiced at home, listened at practice and improved his skills. It was awesome to see his dedication & willingness to learn and master new a new sport.  Issac only made a couple of baskets this season but he was a great teammate & displayed excellent sportsmanship the entire season & for that we are very proud.
Issac is always so lucky to have such great family support at his activities.  In addition to Mom & Dad attending every game, Grandma Melanie, Grandma Laura & Grandpa Mark; and Grandpa Brad & Grandma Shannon all came to cheer him on this season.  But Issac's number one fan continues to be Josie.  She cheers him on from the sidelines, hootin & hollaring him on & even uses her pretend phone to take his picture. 
At the end of every season there is a little trophy party.  Issac loves his sports trophies.  We catch him looking at them sitting on the fireplace mantel all the time.  He already is talking about what his next trophy will look like.  However, this time Issac was really upset from the second he got his trophy & from across the room I couldn't tell why.  At the end he confided in me why he was upset- 2 reasons; first they spelled his name wrong & second when he set his trophy down it broke.  I told him not to worry and that Mom would take care of it.  The next day while he was at school, Josie & I went to the trophy spot & they took care of everything at no cost.  Issac was so happy & grateful. And Issac's first Basketball season is a wrap!