Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family Pictures with Four Generations

Everyone has regrets in life. I should of... I could of.. I would of... But there is no going backwards to fix things or do them differently.  One of my regrets is that we had a nice four generation picture taken with my Grandma & Issac but that we never had a professional pictures with my Grandma & my daughter. So when we learned that Tyler's Grandparents were coming to town for Thanksgiving I brought the subject up with Tyler.  Then on Facebook one day, Lisa J Bruce Photography had a tree farm mini session deal that happened to fall right while Tyler's Grandparents were visiting.  I then texted Tyler's Mom, Laura & she booked a session. 
Then came the wardrobe decisions. Laura & I went on Pinterest & had a few conversations over a few days before she decided on Navy, Grey, black & Mustard. I like this approach for family pictures of three general colors and one stand out color. I was a little unsure because we did blue, teal, white & yellow for our summer beach pictures.   And honestly, I had been wanting to do green clothes in our holiday pictures because we have done red the last few years.  But these turned out great, especially with the beautiful natural background. 
Organizing a dozen people can be difficult.I didn't want any images left out or to forget anything so I showed up with a list of all the different image groups I wanted captured.  We got some great images out of our tree farm session.  However, I wouldn't be lying if I didn't have any disappointments.  We only got two family pictures of us four & both in the same poss and then we got one picture of Issac alone & it is not very good, it was the very last shot of the day & you can tell he was freezing cold & wanted hot chocolate. I aslo forgot to have her snap a picture of just Tyler & Jayson!  I was so busy focusing on getting the pictures with Tyler's Grandparents that I almost forgot about single shots of my kids.  But really we were just all so cold!
I was So beyond Giddy when it snowed! You can plan the perfect tree farm family pictures & then there was this beautiful dusting of snow all around us.  I will say that BURRRRR it was cold! So, although we got over forty images taken they were all shot within a fast & furious freeze of twenty minutes. 

Our pictures have a lot of people in them so here is the breakdown: 
Tyler's Grandparents - Don & Cindy Neeley
Tyler's Mom & Step Dad - Laura & Mark Bair
Tyler's step brothers - Devin & Lucas Bair
Tyler's Brother & his wife - Jayson & Andalyn Sipress
Then our family of four - Tyler & Leah, Issac & Josie Sipress

 I simply LOVE these last two images.  I used to always say I wanted more children.  However, I have decided that I feel fulfillment from just having two.  The love they share for each other is unique and amazing to watch.  Our perfect lilttle family of four.  One boy, One girl. One family. One Love.

The End.

Thanksgiving 2014

Typically we travel to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Oak Harbor or Ferndale.However, this year Tyler's Grandparents were visiting for two weeks from Salt Lake City, Utah so we traveled to north Marysville to celebrate at Tyler's Mom's house.  It was a very nice & low key turkey day in a full house with twelve people.  Tyler's step father, Mark cooked two large turkeys on his wood pellet stove and they turned out delicious.  Tyler & I spent the day visiting and catching up with his Grandparents whom we hadn't seen in almost two years.  The kids spent the day kicking the soccer ball around the back yard with Lucas & uncle Jayson and just running around being curious.  

We stayed the night Thursday and spent Friday enjoying the company of Tyler's Grandparents before heading home.  We headed back up to Marysville on Sunday to have Family Pictures & Josie's birthday while Tyler's Grandparents were in town.  Then the following Saturday we drove up for the day to say good bye before they flew home on Sunday. 

Especially since loosing my Grandma, I find it important to see Tyler's Grandparents. I want my kids to be able to see them, form relationships and create memories with their great grandparents.  I feel so blessed to have memories of not just my great-grandparents but also my Great-great-Grandma Willis aka Willamina Rice.  I remember having tea in her kitchen, listening to classical music in her living room & picking flowers in her yard.  It is not a lot of memories but it is enough to bring warmth to my heart & a smile to my face.  that is all I want for my children, heart warming memories. 

 Above- Josie & Grandma Laura.
Bellow- Issac & Josie helping making dinner.
 Above- Lucas & Devin.
Bellow- Jayson helps his Mom with the Turkey.
 Above- Family Prayer.
Bellow- Pie Time.
 Above- Issac reads to grandpa Mark.
Bellow- Tyler & his Grandma Cindy.
 Above- the kids watching cartoons with Great Grandpa Don.
Bellow- Josie tells her Great Grandparents a story.
 Above- Issac was HUNGRY!
Bellow- Mark checks on the birds.
 Above- Josie was hungry.
Bellow- Issac & I were taking selfies.


Friday, January 2, 2015

October Field Trips

In October I was lucky enough to volunteer as a chaperone on two separate field trips with the kids.  First, Josie & I went back to Thomasson Family Farm with her preschool.  Then, I rode on a school bus with 40 kindergarteners to Woodland Park Zoo.  Each trip was fun.  I enjoy seeing how excited Issac gets when I give my time to his class.  He gets giddy and lovie; giving me lots of kisses & hugs and whispering “I love you” in my ear.  

Typically I write detailed stories in our blogs because I hope one day my kids will read these posts, our family’s digital scrapbook I call it.  However, I am months behind & trying to play catch up so I am going to let the pictures do the talking!
But I will say Josie’s field trip was perfect. The weather was wonderful and the company always delightful.  Issac’s field trip was a soaking wet mess!  The rain was typical Seattle October rain drops & dark skies.  The kids in my group tried to stay positive even though one child cried for an hour because her feet were wet through her tennis shoes. We spent most the day with another Mom & her group of children.  I enjoyed watching Issac interact with his peers. 

Josie’s Field Trip to Thomasson Family Farm.

Issac’s Field Trip to Woodland Park Zoo.