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Family Pictures with Four Generations

Everyone has regrets in life. I should of... I could of.. I would of... But there is no going backwards to fix things or do them differently.  One of my regrets is that we had a nice four generation picture taken with my Grandma & Issac but that we never had a professional pictures with my Grandma & my daughter. So when we learned that Tyler's Grandparents were coming to town for Thanksgiving I brought the subject up with Tyler.  Then on Facebook one day, Lisa J Bruce Photography had a tree farm mini session deal that happened to fall right while Tyler's Grandparents were visiting.  I then texted Tyler's Mom, Laura & she booked a session.  Then came the wardrobe decisions. Laura & I went on Pinterest & had a few conversations over a few days before she decided on Navy, Grey, black & Mustard. I like this approach for family pictures of three general colors and one stand out color. I was a little unsure because we did blue, teal, whit…

Thanksgiving 2014

Typically we travel to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Oak Harbor or Ferndale.However, this year Tyler's Grandparents were visiting for two weeks from Salt Lake City, Utah so we traveled to north Marysville to celebrate at Tyler's Mom's house.  It was a very nice & low key turkey day in a full house with twelve people.  Tyler's step father, Mark cooked two large turkeys on his wood pellet stove and they turned out delicious.  Tyler & I spent the day visiting and catching up with his Grandparents whom we hadn't seen in almost two years.  The kids spent the day kicking the soccer ball around the back yard with Lucas & uncle Jayson and just running around being curious.  
We stayed the night Thursday and spent Friday enjoying the company of Tyler's Grandparents before heading home.  We headed back up to Marysville on Sunday to have Family Pictures & Josie's birthday while Tyler's Grandparents were in town.  Then the following Saturday…

October Field Trips