Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Year, New Adventures

We rang in the New Year in Marysville at our friend’s house.  It was a small & private party.  There were 6-8 kids there that played nicely together.  At 8pm we took the kids outside & did some fireworks before putting them to sleep with a movie in the playroom.  Issac was the last child awake because the movie was Curious George and he had never seen it before.  But once the credits rolled, he went to the bathroom (twice) and went fast to sleep.  The adults stayed down stairs and at midnight the Host gave us a fabulous fireworks show out front.  It was a great way to ring in the New Year with good friends.  Thank you to the Wagester Family for having us.  All 4 of us enjoyed ourselves. 
 Above- the kid's watching the fireworks.
Bellow- Traci, Diane & I in our 90's clothes enjoying some TLC songs.
 Bellow- the kids are all crashed out, but mine!
Kids & I spent a few days at my Mom’s house in Ferndale the second weekend of the month while Tyler worked some overtime.   Saturday we chilled and watched movies.  Then Saturday night I slipped out for a couple of hours to meet up with some old high school friends; Kathy, Willie, Teri and Sean.  I was having a fabulous time when my mom texted me that Josie woke up and was inconsolable.  I cut my evening short and was in bed cuddling with my loves by 10pm.  Sunday we meet up with Auntie Nicole at Mt Baker Lanes.  This was the first time the kids went bowling.  Honestly, they did pretty good but lost all interest during the fifth frame.  I think part of the issue was that there wasn’t any other children bowling, Issac noticed that & asked where the other boys and girls were. 

 Above is my Mom & Josie.
Bellow is Issac's happy dance he would do every time his ball hit the pins!
As it sometimes happens in Washington, we had a winter without snow.  Sad, I know.  Tyler & I decided that if the snow wouldn’t come to us, then we would go to the snow! We packed up the kids and took a day trip to Mount Rainer National Forest’s Paradise Snow Play area on January 26th.  The drive took longer than planned because we had to stop twice for Issac to go potty; which at the first potty stop he woke up Josie whom never fell back asleep.  Then, we had to pull over for “clean-up” after Josie had an explosive diaper. At the entrance to the national Forest we were greeted with fresh snow falling from the sky, which raised the excitement in the car. 
At the snow play area, we couldn’t get our gear on fast enough for Issac who was shrieking with excitement! He was on cloud nine the entire day. Smiling as he watched everyone else take their turn while waiting in line. Josie on the other hand, was tired from a short nap. Once her glove fell off her fingers got cold and she never recovered. She loved the sledding part but is just a bit too young for waiting in lines. We took a lunch break and enjoyed the packed lunch I made inside the A-framed lodge. 
After lunch we went on a few more trips down the sled hills before Tyler decided to take Josie back to the car. Tyler held his little Daddy’s girl until she fell asleep and then he strapped her into her car seat and waited. Issac & I enjoyed another 90 minutes of sled time. He was great at following the rules and taking his turn. We went down the big hills three times on our inter tube, flying past the end of the run into a snow wall at the end of the path. It was a great day and we created some fabulous memories.

This year, Tyler and i made a few New Year's Resolutions together.  It was a great conversation about where we want to be in five years and in ten years and what we can do in 2013 to be heading down the path we have envisioned for ourselves, our children and our family.  You can't wait for things to happen for you, you have to go out there and make things happen.  So that's what 2013 is about for us.  I hope all of our family and friends have an awesome 2013 filled with many new memories.  I know we will!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two Christmases and a Wedding


As usual the Holidays were busy, busy, busy this year.  Having a child born in December adds to the hustle and bustle but distracts me from anything depressing.  This year Tyler had the week of Josie's birthday off work so that was not only helpful but refreshing.  We have also decided that besides pictures and some shopping we would put Christmas off until after Josie's birthday each year in an effort to keep her birthday special and unique.  It really works out and I wasn't in a rush to get the tree down and cleaned up as soon as the Turkey was carved. 

We did get holiday pictures taken again this year.  We had our family session shoot by Jami West Photography at Trinity Tree Farm.  Josie didn't want to wake up after the car ride to the location and was very serious in most of the pictures. However, I am actually glad that we caught her sassy lil attitude on film.  For Josie's birthday pictures, I redeemed a couple of free coupons for the Sears Portrait Studios and got 15 photo sheets for FREE. So although I don't have any digital images to post, we did get enough pictures to hand out to our family members. 

On the 16th, after lunch we drove out to Black Diamond and for the third year, returned to the Coats Family Tree Farm.  The weather never seems to cooperate in Washington.  Not only was it chilly but as soon as we arrived it started to rain.  Keeping two children focused while surrounded by big puddles is not the easiest task.  Tyler & I both knew we didn't want or need a large tree this year so we focused on finding something I could touch the top while standing on the ground.  Due to the weather, we found a great Tree, took a few pictures and headed home out of the wet ickyess. 

For our family, Christmas started on December 21st. We packed up to spend the night at Tyler's Mom's house. Laura & Mark had a packed house with his two twin 16 year old boys, us 4 and the Tyler's brother Jayson & his wife Andalyn. It was the first time we all stayed together and celebrated the holidays this way and it was really nice. Saturday morning we woke up and did a traditional Christmas morning of gift opening. We were all spoiled. Then we sat around the table and enjoyed a delicious ham breakfast. In the late afternoon Tyler & I packed up the car to head out to Oak Harbor.

The kids coming down stairs to see all the gifts under the tree.

Jayson is going to chiropractic school so he got a new spine for Christmas!

Above are the mugs Tyler decorated for Mark & Laura. 
 They were filled with handmade Christmas decorations made by Issac & myself.  
Another distraction for my seasonal depression this year was my cousin Laurrin's wedding.  On December 22nd, my cousin Laurrin married her high school boyfriend Chism in a small holiday themed wedding.  Everything was beautiful.  I don't usually see my extended family in December and it was a nice change to see everyone all together and dressed up in their personal best.  The wedding was at Rocky Point on Whidbey Island in a rustic building on the beach.  Her sister, Erin's son Jackson was the ring bearer and Josie was the flower girl.

On Christmas Eve, my Mom came down to spend the night.  We made cookies to leave out for Santa.  After the kids went to bed, my Mom & I brought out all the gifts.  In the morning the kids opened all their gifts.  Santa brought Issac a train and Josie a bike.  We got the kids a table & chairs that Tyler painted for them. After breakfast, we were joined by my Uncle Philip, Aunt Nicole & Uncle Warren.  As usual our children made out, getting bunches of new clothes and toys. 


As usual, our holiday season was busy.  I am truly enjoying the traditions Tyler & i are starting with the kids.  We plan to continue our Elf on the Shelf and cutting down our Christmas tree each year.  Hopefully as the kids age we can also enjoy other fun activities such as the parade downtown Seattle or the Zoo Lights.  This year, we kept it simple and it was perfect.  I hope each & everyone of you had a great holiday season as well.  After all, another Christmas is only 10 months away. ;-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Josie's 2nd Birthday


Josie turned two on December 10th.  We celebrated with a Sesame Street, Milk and Cookies party with our family and friends at our house on Saturday the 15th.  The theme was easy to decide upon because Josie loves anything Elmo and thing Cookie Monster.  Each week we go to the library and get three books and three DVDs from the kids section and Josie always grabs the first Elmo or Cookie Monster anything that she sees. When we have cookies, she says, “Coookieee” in a beyond adorable monster voice mimicking the cookie Monster. 
On her birthday we celebrated by having cake after dinner.
Josie at two:    Although her legal name is Josephine, we mostly call her Josie or Jojo.  She answers to all three names and knows when we say "Josephine"- she's in trouble!!! Josie loves to sing and dance.  She is our sassy little love bug, wakes up in the morning giving kisses. She is a good eater and always finishes all her broccoli but honestly, this girl LOVES her carbs!!! Crackers, bagels, chips, cookies, pasta, if it is a carbohydrates, Josie loves it. Activity wise she enjoys legos, coloring and playdoh, dinosaurs, cars and all your basic girl activities like pushing her babies around & tucking them in to bed. Josie also likes to eat the glue sticks at craft time, lol.  She loves going on walks and playing outside wither in the back yard or at the park. Josie is also our night owl!!! She can stay up til 10 pm and be cheerfully awake at 5 in the morning. It is so fun to watch her grow and continue to create a bond with her big brother. We are excited to see what new personality traits she gains in the coming year.   
The party details:
  I kept decorations simple, busting out our rainbow banner we purchased last year for Issac’s Lightning McQueen party.  Besides the Banner, I purchased two Sesame Street disposable table covers and the matching Happy Birthday Banner.  Once again I baked the cakes & my cousin Erin did the decorating.  She is so talented with the frosting; we made two cakes but in retrospect only needed one.  After everyone filled up on pizza, veggies and fruit salad they topped off at the cookie bar.  Tyler & I worked together on the cookies, he made all the batters & I did all the baking.  In addition to homemade cookies, we also served a variety of store bought cookies.  

 For beverages we offered a variety of soda pop and a variety of Nesquick 
I took old flash cards & made signs using scrapbook paper & glue sticks to put on the ice chests.
I had planned two games in case the children needed to be entertained but honestly they all played well together in the playroom. The games I made were "the grouche's garbage toss & the other game was this simple matching game.  I also made this sign that said "This Party is brought to you by the letter "J" and the number "2".  To stick with that theme we made J & 2 sugar cookies for the cookie bar. 

 Josie's party was a complete success. Every guest left with a full belly and happy smile. We were a little cramped with so many guests in our house but it worked out great. Thank you to everyone who took the time to celebrate with us. We LOVE YOU!!!  Bellow are more pictures form Josie's Birthday, enjoy!