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New Year, New Adventures

We rang in the New Year in Marysville at our friend’s house.It was a small & private party.There were 6-8 kids there that played nicely together.At 8pm we took the kids outside & did some fireworks before putting them to sleep with a movie in the playroom.Issac was the last child awake because the movie was Curious George and he had never seen it before.But once the credits rolled, he went to the bathroom (twice) and went fast to sleep.The adults stayed down stairs and at midnight the Host gave us a fabulous fireworks show out front.It was a great way to ring in the New Year with good friends. Thank you to the Wagester Family for having us.All 4 of us enjoyed ourselves.  Above- the kid's watching the fireworks. Bellow- Traci, Diane & I in our 90's clothes enjoying some TLC songs.  Bellow- the kids are all crashed out, but mine! Kids & I spent a few days at my Mom’s house in Ferndale the second weekend of the month while Tyler worked some overtime.Saturday we ch…

Two Christmases and a Wedding

As usual the Holidays were busy, busy, busy this year.  Having a child born in December adds to the hustle and bustle but distracts me from anything depressing.  This year Tyler had the week of Josie's birthday off work so that was not only helpful but refreshing.  We have also decided that besides pictures and some shopping we would put Christmas off until after Josie's birthday each year in an effort to keep her birthday special and unique.  It really works out and I wasn't in a rush to get the tree down and cleaned up as soon as the Turkey was carved. 
We did get holiday pictures taken again this year.  We had our family session shoot by Jami West Photography at Trinity Tree Farm.  Josie didn't want to wake up after the car ride to the location and was very serious in most of the pictures. However, I am actually glad that we caught her sassy lil attitude on film.  For Josie's birthday pictures, I redeemed a couple of free coupons for the Sears Portrait Studios …

Josie's 2nd Birthday

Josie turned two on December 10th.We celebrated with a Sesame Street, Milk and Cookies party with our family and friends at our house on Saturday the 15th.The theme was easy to decide upon because Josie loves anything Elmo and thing Cookie Monster. Each week we go to the library and get three books and three DVDs from the kids section and Josie always grabs the first Elmo or Cookie Monster anything that she sees. When we have cookies, she says, “Coookieee” in a beyond adorable monster voice mimicking the cookie Monster. On her birthday we celebrated by having cake after dinner. Josie at two:    Although her legal name is Josephine, we mostly call her Josie or Jojo.  She answers to all three names and knows when we say "Josephine"- she's in trouble!!! Josie loves to sing and dance.She is our sassy little love bug, wakes up in the morning giving kisses.She is a good eater and always finishes all her broccoli but honestly, this girl LOVES her carbs!!! Crackers, bagels, chips,…