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Jump& Jive into January 2015

We left 2014 behind and welcomed 2015 by dressing as Hippies and attending the Wagester’s New Years Eve Party.As always Issac & Josie enjoyed the time with their friends while Tyler & I enjoyed time with our friends. Always a win-win situation.

The kids got new bikes for Christmas from Grandma Laura & Grandpa Mark.Josie wants to ride her new princess bike every day! Issac is still growing in to his new bike so he still uses his smaller bike for the most part. We’ve been making regular trips to the Green River Trail & West Feniwick Park so the kids can ride freely.

In January Josie started taking Ballet classes.She goes once a week for an hour to attend class with four other girls.She enjoys it and does fairly well for a bull in a china shop.Josie tends to be rushed and heavy on her feet, both things we are working on improving but if there is a large thump on stage during the June recital, I will knowingly assume it came from Josie.

Issac continues to thrive in all day Ki…

Christmas Season 2014

Every year I feel pressure around Christmas. Pressure to spend a certain amount of money, pressure to make time for extended family member & friends.  I feel pressure to be June Cleaver, to sew homemade pajamas, craft homemade gifts, host meals and bake cookies. Any time I am in public or around people I feel pressure to sing the songs, hum the tunes and be jolly.  I don't think I am alone. By the time we ring in the new year I am so over Christmas the last thing I want to do is talk about it or blog about it! So, here I am in March.  I think I'm ready to talk about Christmas but it could be a bumpy ride. As a family we are really enjoying this next stage of family life. The kids are old enough to follow directions and yet not too old to become easily board by the annual repetition of some of our traditions. They are not only interested but they both become fully engaged in any activity we do.This Holiday season we did some new stuff and some old stuff plus all of our…