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The top Ten highlights from *September 2011*

I had started a blog last month & never finished it. With Josie walking now the kids seems to go in separate directions so I have had little time on the computer.I spend a little time each day reading different sites & mommy blogs. One trend I have recently noticed is the “top ten lists”.So to keep posts regular I’m going to start writing this way. So here is my first top ten list: The Ten Best parts of September.
1)We spent Labor Day weekend at home. It was nice & relaxing. The kids went with a friend for a few hours on Saturday so Tyler & I could paint the outside of the house. Then we spent Saturday & Sunday night camping in the back yard.Issac loves the tent & got super excited about it the entire weekend.Monday was warm so we went to the splash park with the kids & BBQ’d.
2)Josie turned 9 months old on the 10th.At her check-up she was 27 inches & 17 lbs, 13 oz.
3)On the 11th we drove to Marysville to go to a friend’s birthday party & have dinner a…