Friday, October 28, 2011

The top Ten highlights from *September 2011*

 I had started a blog last month & never finished it. With Josie walking now the kids seems to go in separate directions so I have had little time on the computer.  I spend a little time each day reading different sites & mommy blogs. One trend I have recently noticed is the “top ten lists”.  So to keep posts regular I’m going to start writing this way. So here is my first top ten list: The Ten Best parts of September.

1)      We spent Labor Day weekend at home. It was nice & relaxing. The kids went with a friend for a few hours on Saturday so Tyler & I could paint the outside of the house. Then we spent Saturday & Sunday night camping in the back yard.  Issac loves the tent & got super excited about it the entire weekend.  Monday was warm so we went to the splash park with the kids & BBQ’d. 

2)      Josie turned 9 months old on the 10th.   At her check-up she was 27 inches & 17 lbs, 13 oz. 

3)       On the 11th we drove to Marysville to go to a friend’s birthday party & have dinner at Gramma Meow-Meow’s (Ty’s mom). 

4)      On the 13th I took Josie to get her 9 month pictures take. I made her a beautiful fall tutu in orange, brown & maroon & brought along some nice fall leaves.  The picures turned out fabulous as always & are in the mail as we speak to our family & friends out of the area. 

5)      On the 18th we took the ferry to celebrate Gi-Gi’s (Great-Grandma Rosalie) birthday in Oak Harbor.  It was a relaxing day & the first time my Great Aunt Sharron got to meet Josie.

6)      On the 19th Tyler went back to school. He is taking night classes at Green River Community College & will complete his AAS in June 2012. J

7)       On the 20th Josie cut her 1st tooth, which she now has 5 teeth, 3 up top & the bottom 2.

8)       On the 24th Josie took her 1st steps!!! She is now a full blown walker.  She still gets a lil wobbly as nap time approaches but doing great!

9)       I had won a free photo session via a giveaway from JLV Photography. On the 24th we had a delightful family photo shoot in Point Defiance Park.  We plan to use the pictures for our Holiday cards but two are up as “previews” for viewing on her fb page.

10)   Issac mastered his colors & Shapes in September.  Now we are working on the parts of the alaphbet that give him trouble & spelling his name. currently he says, “I-A-S-C”.