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Independance Day 2012

Each Year Emerald Downs does a July third Fireworks show.  Tyler & I had heard nothing but good things so after dinner we decided to pack up & head out.  Lucky or not so lucky for us, both kids fell asleep in the car on the seven mile drive down into the valley.  When we arrived Emerald Downs was crazy packed at only 6pm.  With both kids asleep we decided to go to the store and drive around to look at other viewing options.  As we left Albertson's we noticed people gathering in a large grass area next to the Auburn Airport and Park and Ride.  We joined and as the sky turned dark there was over 100 people gathered around us.  The kids all played well together, with the older children watching out for the younger children.  Then we cuddled up to watch the fireworks.  Both the children LOVED the show as they created sound affects of "oooo's and awe's as well as a few WOW look at that.  It was a great time.
 Watching the Emerald Down's Fireworks
July 4th fell…

Josie at 18 months & Issac's Birthday Pictures

On June 10th, Josie turned 18 months old.  I can't believe how fast the time slips by us.  Issac and Josie are so similar, yet so different.  The kids are different and the same not in just how they play but how they communicate, eat and learn.  When outside, both kids enjoy the water table and the pool.  Josie loves to play in the yard with Issac, sometimes they play together & other times they play individually.  When playing alone, Josie loves to push her baby around the yard in her shopping cart or collect pine cones in a bucket.  Inside, Josie will play with toy food, mixing stuff in a bowl, line up her babies on her bed or play cars with brother. Both kids also enjoy their little people stuff.   Josie enjoys coloring and playdoh with Issac but sometimes she still tries to eat the colors or dough, YUCK!!! Both kids also enjoy playing their elefun game, memory games and with the dulpo legos.  Josie loves to play pic-a-boo.
When it comes to TV & movies; Josie will as…

The American Dream

Year after year, millions of people around the globe dream of the American Dream. They dream of a quality education, a career and a big house with their children playing in the yard, safely protected by their very own white picket fence.While immigrants flee their home nations of poverty, war and dictatorships to come to the United States, many millions of American children share the same dream.When you grow up wearing hand-me-downs and shopping at yard sales, Kmart and discount stores you long for a better life at a young age. You go to a University, achieve a degree, and then you get a great career and live happily ever after. But for some people that dream is almost impossible.It can truly seem as if everyone and everything around you are working against you.I know there were times during my 2 years at UW Tacoma that I felt like a tadpole trying to swim up-stream.Shit, I felt like I was swimming up a vertical waterfall.You lose sleep and spend less time with your friends or doing th…