Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Silverton Camping

Sadly we didn’t get to do as much camping as we would have liked this summer, but each summer the kids are a year older and camping becomes easier.  We did get to use our tent a couple of times this summer while visiting family; we weren’t fully camping but the kids feel as though we camped twice as much as we did.  We started off the Summer by camping for Father’s Day.  This trip we camped with the Wagester family and drove out into the Mt Baker National Forest and camped outside Silverton along the river.  
 There are some areas within the National Forests that campsites are free and first come first serve.  Tyler has Fridays off and Matt left work at lunch so we were at our site by two in the afternoon.  We found a nice place along the river where there were 8-10 other tents in sight view. Loading in & out were not the easiest, we had to carry our stuff down a hill and across a creek but that was easy enough for the men.  The first night as we sat around the fire we got a visit from a National Forest Ranger.  He complimented Tyler & Matt on their excellent fire pit building skills and told us to enjoy ourselves.  
We spent the weekend enjoying nature, no cell service and no television!  We took the kids on nature walks for sticks, nature walks for rocks, nature walk for animal sightings. We played in the river, climbed on fallen trees and cooled off by jumping into a calm pool in the river.   

 We split all the meals and took turns cooking.  The entire weekend was perfect.  Perfect food, perfect location, perfect people and most importantly, perfect weather!!!
Sunday after breakfast we packed up our campsite and drove up to the Ice Caves for a hike before heading home. I know that the Big Four Ice Caves are popular but I had never been.  It is the craziest thing ever.  You’re hot and sweaty and it is 90 degrees.  Then you walk around a corner and there is a cold breeze.  But as you walk on the rocks and get closer and closer to the ice caves, the temperature drops to freezing cold!  Every foot step you take the temperature drops.  
 As always, any time we are with the Wagester family, we have a good time. The kids always enjoy each other, the husbands enjoy each other and well us ladies, we enjoy the laughs.  I can't wait to go camping again with them next Summer and every Summer after!!! 

Run or Dye

 Last year I decided that one of my 2014 goals was to participate in a 5k.  I have never been and never will consider myself a runner.  Let us just say that the bouncing is bad for my…. Knees.  But walking, hiking and even a brisk jog are all enjoyable activates for me.  So in the Spring my best friend Diane & I decided to register for one of those “fun” runs.  We decided on the Rye or Dye Lake Stevens 5k.  Although about 20 people said they were interested in joining our fun run team come the July race day it was just Di, Tracy and I.  

The morning of the 5K we parked & walked to the event to line up and wait for the start time.  It was a sea of interesting people & decent music..at nine am.

Every Kilometer or so they're is a chalk station where volunteers toss different colors at you as you run by.  But honestly we had lots of fun reaching in and garbing our own handfuls to toss at each other and other participants.
Over all, my first 5K was a success.  We walked and talked and laughed and just enjoyed ourselves.  Next year, I will not bring my own water bottle and I will remember a towel to cover my car seat for the ride home!!!! 

 Don't get me wrong, we had a fabulous time. Although it was super hot. But I would be lying if  I didn't have a small laundry list of unpleasentries… Overall, the event was fun but the organization was a little disorganized.  Emails leading up to the event date contained confusing directions & unclear event information.  It also seemed everyone got a different number of color packets, I got 1, Tracy got 3 and Diane got 8!! Then some people got chalk packets in the mail & at the event without paying because they got bracelets in the mail. We arrived over an hour earlier than needed because we had our shirts mailed to us, there was no “check in” necessary. Then the event started late.
My final complaint I feel is the most valuable- This is a “fun run”.  At the finish line they don’t post times on a reader board or give a fancy red ribbon with a medallion for the first person to cross.  I personally enjoyed the variety of people along the route.  However, you got a few random jerks who are all serious, running past group yelling “OVER” in unkind tones.  To those people- GO SING UP FOR A LEGIT MARATHON!!!!