Issac's TMNT Birthday

I think it was only a day or two after his fourth birthday party that Issac declared that for his fifth birthday he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party when he turned six.  Honestly, I’m half surprised he didn’t change his mind & half not surprised at all that he didn’t change his mind during the year because Issac has loved turtles ever since he was two.  Issac loves not just TMNT but all things turtle, he has books about turtles, a handful of stuffed turtles and even a pet tortoise, Crush.  
 Above- Issac invited 6 school friends to his party.
Bellow- Cupcakes for his class w/ TMNT toppers made by me.
 Above- Josie bought Issac 6 balloons.
Bellow- Cupcakes at school.
 Above- Issac & Josie celebrating his birthday with his class.
Bellow- Birthday morning tradition- new Mariner's hat.

Issac requested that his birthday be a TMNT theme, with Pizza at his favorite park, Steel Lake in Federal Way.  To avoid Memorial Day Weekend, we had Issac’s party the following weekend, on May 30th.  I didn’t think about it being graduation season so when we arrived at the park at 10am there was only one group picnic area left open for the day & it was far away from the playground.  That was the only downside to the entire day! 
For Party Invitations, decoration ideas & inspiration I turned to Pinterest.  I used free printables, which I printed for free at the public library for invitations, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, decorations and thank you notes.  Then I hit up the dollar tree for all things green & a dozen turkey pans that I had Tyler spray paint to create Turtle shells. I bought felt at Walmart & cut masks & crafted weapons out of paint sticks and duct tape.  The guests all enjoyed transforming themselves in to Ninja Turtles with their turtle shells, masks & weapons.

Issac was very pleased with the amount of guests that took the time to come & celebrate with him.  We had family & friends, soccer friends, neighbors, preschool friends & even a classmate show up.  It was awesome the way some people came after the party ended to continue the fun with us.  Our family was at the park from 10am-6pm enjoying the day.  Thank you to everyone who came & celebrated our number one with us!
 Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!


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